Regular Show #40 Review


By Mad Rupert, Laura Howell, Lisa Moore, Steve Wands, Christine Larsen

So I goofed and thought I could just hop back onto this series for the final issue and not miss anything, turns out this was the fourth installment of an arc. Oh well, I followed it alright…

BOOM! has decided to end this series and it’s not an unreasonable decision. It’s run for four issues, that’s almost four years and the cartoon itself is ending soon as well. I’ll have to go back and check out some of the older issues, because I’m feeling wistful with the cartoon’s impending end but also awesome story progression. See, the cartoon moved the characters to space for intergalactic hijinks while the comics have always stayed firmly before Season Four. So we were never going to see stuff to explain what happened in the cartoon, they’re were pretty separate.

This issue focuses, oddly enough, on Benson in both the A and B stories. Benson is a fun character because he has a ridiculous past that culminated with him managing a park and an eclectic crew. Apparently he was some fated avatar of Order meant to stop the Apocalypse, which makes sense for all the craziness that happens in these stories. The B story is him enjoying a day off and trying to fish, and that goes as well as you would expect.

  I feel like I should be discussing how much this title has meant to me and the fond memories I have of it. Really, I was let down by the first issue, returned to it later on, and intermittently checked back in to various success. The series always had top-notch artists, Laura Howell and Christine Larsen following that trend. For a comic about a cartoon, it really had its own styles that were a nice spin on what they were recreating.

The comic had this tendency to just do craziness like the show did half the time, but the show spent the other half just having the characters hangout, go on dates or play video games. Y’know, aside from being talking animals, normal stuff. That might have been too hard and boring for a comic, but I would’ve liked to see an issue or two trying it.

However, this issue is about Benson learning to be a good boss and Mordecai and Rigby trying to be good employees for a change. Apocalypse and monster fishing aside, it’s about one of the more background characters of Regular Show getting a spotlight. It’s well-done, humorou, and doesn’t ripoff exactly what the show has already covered.  The ending of the A plot is endearing and has the team wraps up everything so the characters can have a happy finish. I’ve read worse final issues, and I am a little sad that both iterations of Regular Show are likely to end this month.

It doesn’t top Rick and Morty, but Regular Show was a decent license comic that was good for a laugh now and then.

“Good Show.”

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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