Rick and Morty #18 Review


By Kyle Starks, CJ Cannon, Marc Ellerby, Ryan Hill, CRANK!

Breaking Morty, Gangs of Flarbellion 7, Mr. Meseeks has a Deathwish, uhh Chasing the Peng Dragon… Alright, on to the review.This issue was great, Starks had all the right touches and callbacks to make it funny. Mr.Meseeks made a comeback as Rick’s drug-mule and Rick’s Heisenberg phase came to a sudden end when he realized his enterprise was actually a job. Mr. Peacock, the passive-aggressive, sexual predator, and Doctor Who knockoff, showed his true colors and tried to get fresh with Summer (who totally thought he was cool just being friends) and got bees in the face! Beginning to end, this issue was a joy to read.

CJ Cannon’s art is owed a lot of credit to that, with the way he drew the bug cops and contrasted the cartoonish characters with violent events. The art perfectly went from cute to gross, never missing a beat. Literally, you could feel the gears turning in Rick’s head after Morty pointed out what he was really doing and rejecting it.

Marc Ellerby’s backup story is also fantastically outlandish, with Rick forcing Morty into a kaiju/giant robot fight with an avalanche of collateral damage. Of course, even with hundreds of people dying on the page you still have to laugh at the gallows humor as Morty apologizes and begs Rick to help him.

I was beginning to feel like the Peng drug story was running a bit long, but with this ending it feels like I watched a three part joke unwind itself before my eyes. The fact that Rick’s drug money just goes to him and his grandkids going to Blips and Chips, like the episode where he sold a gun to a deadly assassin, just caps everything off.

This continues to be a no-brainer purchase for Rick and Morty fans, and even if you’re not one of them, this is still a hilarious book with sci-fi hijinks. This easily would’ve been my choice for TWF.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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