Teen Titans #1 Review


By Benjamin Percy, Jonboy Meyers, Jim Charalampidis, Corey Breen

The time has come for Damian to take his first steps as a teenager and make some friends. Naturally, that involves kidnapping and interrogation.Percy begins this issue with a scene of Damian and Alfred celebrating Damian turning 13. He reflects on the fact that he is becoming a man and should begin taking steps to prepare for taking on his father’s legacy. Alfred wishes that Damian would go against form and try to make friends. Coming to the present, Damian has kidnapped the younger Wally West, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven. Once they break free of their bonds and defeat Damian, he tries to persuade them to form a team as they’re stronger together.

Percy, although he seemed to lift a scene right from The Incredibles, delivers a stronger issue than the Rebirth one shot. Damian forms the emotional crux of the issue, as well as the connective tissue to the larger plot, while we see how the rest of the Titans interact. All signs point to this being a better Teen Titans than we’ve seen since the New 52 started. Not because the lineup resembles the cast from the Teen Titans cartoon, but because there’s a youthful energy present and the characters act as most readers would expect them too. That was a major problem for the New 52 series, and one in which by default, Rebirth has to address. The Teen Titans have to feel like the Teen Titans, otherwise there’s nothing to keep readers coming back to read more.

On art, Jonboy Meyers has a stylized look which reminds me of Karl Kerschl’s on Gotham Academy. It’s very energetic and bright thanks to Charalampidis’ colors. The art is vibrant and intense, not unlike a cartoon with bold lines and crazy facial expressions. Meyers Damian is brimming with an impish glee and snark, even when there’s a freaking demon right beside him. Meyers, like Percy, seems to be the right pick to help DC bring the Titans back.

This series is off to a fun start, although this issue is somewhat dependent on the Rebirth special which is actually where the story began. It’s arguably stronger than what we’ve done with the title in years, features a youthful energy and doesn’t highly sexualize teenager’s. If you’ve been waiting for a Teen Titan’s comic, this is worth checking out.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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