Indubitable Issues and Pull List (11/4/15)




Tyler’s Recommendations: 

Joe Golem, Occult Detective #1
“Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden bring their second collaboration from a novel to the world of comics, this time with art from Patrick Reynolds. Like Baltimore before, Joe Golem takes place outside of the Mignolaverse, but in a world where the occult and strange happenings are still occurring. At this point, if you’ve enjoyed all the other offerings from Mignola and company, you should probably just buy this.” 

Dark Corridor #4
“Rich Tomasso’s pulp tale of crime and revenge in the city of Red Circle is back with a new issue. If you haven’t had a chance to check this out yet, you’ve been missing a very cool comic, by a talented new creator. Do yourself a favor and grab copy this week.”
Dean’s Recommendations: 
Black Science #17
“Where will the dimensionauts end up next?”
Paper Girls #2
“You don’t want to miss how mutant alien things brought us Apple technology.”
Alex’s Recommendations: 
James Bond #1
“You know what? Fine. I’ll bite.”
Josh’s Recommendations: 

Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure
“Starring of my favorite regenerations, Colin Baker’s Doctor, this is meant as an additional bookend to the televised stories that saw him pass the torch to Sylvester McCoy. Baker’s Doctor was one that was more antagonistic, more proud, like a Willy Wonka on speed. I love his iteration of the famous Time Lord, but love even more the chance to see his character in new stories.”
Patrick’s Recommendations: 

Copra #25
“Michel Fiffe’s magnum DIY opus turns 25 with a special over-sized issue. Featuring guest contributions from Benjamin Marra, Sloane Leong & more, even virgin Copra readers will want to check this out.”
As I’m sure you all have noticed, the pull list page is no longer present. We here at Nothing But Comics have decided to combine this weekly with the discussion of which comics we are all buying for the week. Included below is the link of our personal favorite product guide. Don’t worry, this is not an advertisement; the website is not paying us anything to push it (not that we’d object!). Comic List just happens to be totally awesome. So check out that massive list and then come on back here to let us know what you are buying.

13 thoughts on “Indubitable Issues and Pull List (11/4/15)”

  1. Klaus
    Call Of Duty
    Batman & Robin Eternal
    James Bond
    Black Science
    Paper Girls
    We Stand On Guard
    Dr Strange
    Extraordinary X-Men
    Iron Man
    Star Wars

  2. Klaus
    Survivors Club
    James Bond
    Black Science
    Paper Girls
    We Stand On Guard
    Doctor Strange
    Extraordinary X-Men
    Iron Man

  3. It sucks that Netflix may be replacing an Iron Fist series with a Punisher series. The Punisher has had enough screen time… Bored…

    1. As someone who finds the Punisher pretty bland, I’ll be disappointed if the rumor pans out. Of course, I could change my mind once I see his portrayal in Daredevil.

      Still, was looking forward to Iron Fist.

      In other words, wait & see . . .

    2. I had not heard this rumor, but I also think it would be a bummer if it proves true. Punisher is cool and all, but I’ve never really cared for him as anything other than a moral contrast to whatever hero he is “paired’ with. Jon Bernthal is fantastic, but I think it would be best to leave Frank Castle as more of a mysterious outsider as opposed to a main character.

      1. “I’ve never really cared for him as anything other than a moral contrast”

        I agree, which is why I am looking forward to seeing how he’s used on Daredevil, but less interested in seeing a whole series built around him.

        Also, I can’t really see him fit into any future Defenders team. Not that he would have to — Netflix doesn’t need to tie everything together just to make a worthwhile series.

        Mostly, would be disappointed if Danny gets relagated to a single TV movie . . .

        We’ll see. None of this could be true after all. Iron Fist is nor scheduled to appear until 2017 so there’s plenty of time for plans to change several times . . .

        1. I agree that the Punisher would be fun in cameos but to use limited resources on a character that has already failed on film would be disappointing. Frankly DareDevil was really good but even with DD I feel like his story has already been told on film. Bring us the obscure characters Hollywood and you may hit some Avengers and Blade gold. Xmen… bored, Spiderman… bored, Punisher… bored, Superman… bored, I would say Batman… bored, but when does Batman get boring? Never.

  4. Wow, this is a pretty heavy week. My wallet cries, while my mind smiles.

    Dark Corridor
    Dr. Strange
    Joe Golem Occult Detective
    Paper Girls
    Stray Bullets
    Survivors Club (Maybe)

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