Green Arrow #10 Review

greenarrow10By Benjamin Percy, Juan Ferreyra, Nate Piekos 

Murders on a train, international intrigue and superb visuals.Green Arrow, John Diggle and Black Canary are trapped on a high-speed monorail traveling beneath the Pacific Ocean, while an assassin is plotting to start several small-scale wars between all the countries dignitaries gathered there.

Percy’s plot is pretty basic, but that allows Ferreyra’s art to be the showcase for this issue. We (the NBC team) had a private discussion about the high quality talent currently working in the Industry, with Ferreyra being a prime example.

Every page is a gorgeous output of Ferreyra’s eye for composition and design, giving motion and energy to the story’s events.  Even the slower moments of the heroes moving through the train have their respective levels of tension as they navigate their own obstacles.  Every issue that Ferreyra draws makes the maximum potential for visual excellence and constantly impresses me, and this issue is no exception.

This issue thankfully wasn’t as political as the last one, which felt heavy-handed and somewhat hard-nosed in an artificial way, and with the awesome art you could blow up every page poster-size and it would be worth the money. It’s a simple story, with Excellent artwork, but it’s one of the better ones of this run of Green Arrow nonetheless.

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