Want to know what covers caught our attention this week?

Curious what our eyes fell in love with at first sight?

Well, here they are, the most memorable images on the stands this Wednesday . . .

Creighton relaxes in the company of  . . .

The Twilight Children #3 by Darwyn Cooke

Creighton studies the profile of . . .

Monstress 2 Sana Takeda
Monstress #2 by Sana Takeda

Josh is lost &  . . .

Snow Blind #1 by Tyler Jenkins

 Creighton feels the fury of . . .

Secret Wars 8 Alex Ross
Secret Wars #8 by Alex Ross

Creighton falls under the spell of . . .

Scarlet Witch 1 David Aja
Scarlet Witch #1 by David Aja

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