Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original #6


By Ollie Masters, Eoin Marron, Adam Metcalfe, Ed Dukeshire, Brahm Revel

Jax is desperate to reclaim his spot in SAMCRO, while Clay is anxious to unload some stolen drugs he shouldn’t have taken…

Masters continues this story of a somewhat younger and less established SAMCRO and this issue offers several highlights. One being that Gemma Teller then, as she would be later in life, is no one to fuck with. Second, Jax’s urging for Opie to join the Sons of Anarchy contrasts with what he would do later at various times in the show allowing him opportunities to leave. Third, a look  at a younger Clay and Leroy doing business. Leroy, although agreeing to buy Clay’s drugs still acts pragmatically and causally with the Sons despite their long history together.

Jax’s plan to redeem himself is crazy, however it makes a certain kind of sense; mainly because it works. The man intimidating the Son’s is likely shadowing Clay, which Jax does as well to locate the hitman. He makes a hasty surprise attack and an even hastier escape when it backfires. The hitman is only doing a job to support his family while Jax is trying to hold onto the only family he has at the time. It’s a simple but effective script because Masters has set all of this up and paced it well.

Like Masters’ script, Marron’s pencils are simple and effective. Many panels don’t feature much detail, but convey the scene well regardless. It’s not unlike what David Aja did in Marvel’s Hawkeye series, using clean and basic visuals to leave room to focus on the interactions of the characters and storytelling. Jax’s brawl is short but tense, having very little sound aside from yells and gunshots.With Metcalfe’s colors, this issue definitely feels like it takes place in California with bright sunshine and warm colors throughout the environments.

One of the stronger issues thus far in the series by focusing on its main plots and letting the tension raise and fall. Jax isn’t out of trouble yet, and there is sure to be reprisals for his actions in the issues to come.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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