Black Hammer #7 Review


By Jeff Lemire, Dean Ormston, Dave Stewart, Todd Klein

The cast gets a new addition from Spiral City, but she has no idea how they can get back there…

Last issue had a lot of potential set-up when it ended, which doesn’t really get followed up on here. Most of the issue focuses on flashbacks fleshing out Black Hammer (the one who got our heroes trapped in their present location), while the present day mostly deals with our heroes reiterating how frustrated they are with Lucy Weber and their exile.

Last issue had Lucy Weber’s  (Black Hammer’s daughter) memory being wiped out by Madame Dragonfly for reasons unknown, and there’s very little here to explain why that happened. Which leaves most of the action, the drama, and emotion reliant on the Black Hammer origin plot. Like every other hero in Black Hammer, he’s based on a Big Two character with a few choice twists. Oddly, this didn’t really feel like a BH issue but something more like an Astro City one-shot. While its not a bad issue per se, it leaves the reader with no answers that they wanted from reading the previous installment.

Dean Ormson and Dave Stewart maintain their artistic quality that we’ve come to expect from them, and they get plenty of neat visuals to depict. Lemire lays out send-ups for Jack Kirby’s New Gods and Darkseid, as well as Lucy’s father spending time with his family.  The image of Black Hammer being disintegrated is a particularly striking page, despite being foreshadowed since the series began. Somehow I think that ends being the most emotional scene in this issue, since its motivated by Jack wanting to be with his family and we see what he sacrifices for them.

Issue 7 isn’t a bad issue, but it likely doesn’t give fans what they wanted from it in the first place. There’s still other subplots to be explored, and Lucy’s presence might be a refreshing new perspective on the farm, but its hard to predict where the next issue should go to.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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