Cosmo’s Gallery, 4-11-16

Scarlet Witch Russell Dauterman
Scarlet Witch by Russell Dauterman

Delirium Melissa Sue
Delrium by Melissa Sue
Dr. Strange Rick Veitch
Dr. Strange by Rick Veitch
Ninjak jasonbaroody
Ninjak by jasonbaroody
Elektra Vanesa R Del Rey
Elektra by Vanesa R Del Rey
Death Kevin Wada
Death by Kevin Wada
Kylo Ren Jeff Hassing
Kylo Ren by Jeff Hassing
Darth Squirrel Girl Erica Henderson
Darth Squirrel Girl by Erica Henderson
Spider-Gwen & Batgirl Sara Pichelli
Spider-Gwen & Batgirl by Sara Pichelli
Alarm Cat Thor Leila Del Duca(crop)
Alarm Cat Thor by Leila Del Duca

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