Tuesday Top Ten: Shows That Should Be Comics

So many popular shows have been revived as comic books, even if they’re still currently still enjoying a healthy time on network television. Taking the opposite direction, here are 10 choices that have fallen out of the spotlight but could make engrossing reads…

#10.The Inbetweeners (US version)

“Not nearly as well-received as the British version its based on, the US show managed to find its own interpretation that unfortunately never got to run its course. While Jay, Simon, Neil, and Will got to grow up across the pond, this group could have plenty of stories to tell about growing up in America has someone outside the social order of the High School system.”


“The name is more appropriate than I want to admit, the show’s premise was about a pair of idiot roommates who could only find work testing new and dangerous products for Test Co. including but not limited to: extreme penis enlargement, electric chastity belts, shampoos that cause blindness, and chemical sex change pills. A complete gross out comedy, a comic series (even a short run) would allow the creators to have more fun with the premise even if there isn’t much of a story to finish.”
#8.Amazing Screw-On Head:
“Kind of a cheat, since this was already a one-shot and had a (terrific but) poor performing pilot. Mike Mignola, its creator, isn’t hurting for work but it’d be a shame to let anachronistic android vampire hunter working for Abraham Lincoln just rot in mothballs. Even if he sourced it out to other creators, I’m confident this could be a strong addition to the Mignolaverse.”
#7.Death Valley:
“The last MTV series I’ll recommend, this was a surprisingly well thought out series that didn’t involve exploiting pregnant teenagers. Basically, vampires, werewolves, and zombies all exist in Los Angeles and only the police department can maintain sanity in the world. Reno 911 meets Warm Bodies, it was full of ridiculous characters but surprisingly interesting uses of monsters that have become stagnant in Pop Culture.”
#6.The Flash 1990:
“There’s already two different Flash books running, and neither is particularly good, but dropping the other Flash television show book just makes so much sense. For one, that show does well enough adapting its own material that adding sublimental stories feels pointless. Two, this series criminally only lasted 1 season. There are years worth of stories that could be done with this Flash, such as continuing the Barry/Tina McGee romance, bringing all of this iteration’s Rogues together, introducing Kid Flash, and having an older Barry Allen mature as the Scarlet Speedster and develop his own family. DC already has a 60s Batman and 70s Wonder Woman, lets add a 90s Flash to that list.”
#5.Almost Human:
“So much potential, squandered by Fox just to replace it with another (less expensive) cop show called Gotham. Set in the world where science has advanced society so fast it can barely be contained, the police struggle with crimes committed on the bleeding edge. Blurring the lines between android and human, it’s a Lethal Weapon meets I,Robot premise that absolutely needs to continue in some form without Fox mucking it up.”
#4.New Amsterdam:
“Another cop show, but unlike most any other that’s still running or remembered well. John Amsterdam is immortal, and has been living in New York since the 1600s, a fact that plagues him every day. He’s married and fathered many offspring, but wants most of all to end his too-long life. The only way he can do that is to find his one, true love so that his curse will end. In the main time, he uses his knowledge and experience gained over several lifetimes to solve cases for the NYPD.”
#3.The Riches:
“A critical darling that barely got 2 seasons, the show was about a family of gypsies posing as a well-to-do family and looking to make their dream score. The show often dealt with the cultural shock the family experienced, as well as whether they were better off where they were or if they were just looking for the right time to cut ties and return to their old lives. Season 2 ended on a major cliffhanger, and there’s no hope that it will ever be continued in a live action setting. Why not bring it to the four color realm?”
“Another show cut down after 2 seasons, it dealt with a struggling single father/baseball coach who turns to being a gigolo  to make ends meat in a recession hit Detroit. Issues of sex, love, trust, and relationships were the focus of every episode characters tried to negotiate the tricky line where pleasure ends and money begins.”
BTD2_Poster1:Layout 3
#1.Bored to Death:
“Hands down one of my favorite shows ever, not surprising that its an HBO show. Rumored to continue as a film before finally ending, like Entourage, it will hopefully construct a better closing chapter for its characters. Dealing with unlicensed PI Jonathan Ames and his wacky friends, they try to find love and purpose in a world where reality is the fairy tale and fantasy springing out of every manhole cover. The show’s creator, (also named) Jonathan Ames, invented a rich layered world that would thrive in a budget less medium and freedom to fill in the blanks of the character’s lives before the movie, or act as a backup in case the movie never comes to fruition.”

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