Loose Ends 4/15/2016

Matt Wilson writes about Todd McFarlanes iconic run on Spiderman at Comics Alliance

On his The Mission CBR Column, Joseph Illedge writes about the importance of Laura Martin’s color work on Black Panther #1

Germain Lussier talks to producers, writers and the directors of Infinity War I & II about how the two films are very different from one another at IO9

A look at all the silly things Jared Leto sent his Suicide Squad co-stars by Mike Sampson at Screen Crush

Lots of great interviews with comics creators this week

IGN talks with Jonathan Hickman & Tomm Coker about their upcoming Image Comics series The Black Monday Murders

Vox profiles Leila Del Duca & Kit Seaton and their Afar OGN

Mass Appeal interviews Brenden Fletcher & singer Michelle Bensimon about their Black Canary comics tie in album

Chris Sims talks to Michael Lark & Greg Rucka about Lazaruz at Comics Alliance

CBR get’s Jamie McKelvie & Matt Wilson to detail the return of The Wicked + The Divine

Luke Plunkett on getting paid to Cosplay at Kotaku

An oral history of Adult Swim on Sploid


On how female empowerment became a tool of advertisement by Jia Tolentino at The New York Times

Amy Rose Spiegal writes about the struggle of Millenials embedding themselves within the workforce post recession at Jezebel

Carl Bialak at Five Thirty Eight & Greg Howard at The New York Times each profile activist DeRay McKesson’s struggles & strategy in running for mayor of his hometown Baltimore

On the death of Charles Carter and the militant American Patriot Movement by Brendan O’Connor at Gawker

Please, please, please never be this person via The Daily Mail

Devin Farraci & Amy Nicholson are Joined by Game Of Thrones writer/producer Bryan Cogman to discuss the 1938 film; The Adventures of Robin Hood at The Cannon

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