Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #14 Review


By Kyle Higgins, Hendry Prasetya, Matt Herms, Ed Dukeshire, Ryan Ferris, Bachan, Timothy Farrell, Jim Campbell

The Rangers seek to end Rita’s occupation on Earth, while far in the future (or an alternate timeline) Billy and Tommy try to lead the resistance to Rita’s dominion on Earth without their powers.

It’s been awhile since I covered this series, which I regret as its continued an engaging, extended plot by throwing the occasional curveball at the right points. What’s more, they’re genuinely unexpected (to me anyway). By keeping the Rangers on the ropes, separated by different dimensions/timezones, the tension is always there in the story while they’re fighting Rita’s forces. It’s clear that Tommy is about to gain his White Ranger powers, but he’s also in the process of being trained for them in a subtle way. Even Billy is slowly growing into a better hero, which plays into a previous issue set in the past. Needless to say, MMPR is almost as strong as its ever been right now.

Prasetya’s art still impresses, and makes the characters from the show work on the page without being overly goofy looking. I can’t imagine seeing a half-dozen Goldar clones would work on the original show as well as it does here:

From Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #14 by Hendry Prasetya & Matt Herms

Prasetya always makes the visual language of the show stand on par with the Big 2’s classic superheroes, and I never get tired of it. Or Matt Herms color schemes, this issue using a wide palette of cool colors signaling the night setting and the coldness of Rita’s lair (which is the Ranger’s former command center).

All in all, a decent middle-part issue. While that didn’t help it compete against the emotional impact of Black Hammer #8, it was still enjoyable for those that have been following along with the story since it started.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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