Free Comic Book Day 2016

Happy Free Comicbook Day, everyone! We at Nothing But Comics love the closest thing to to a geek holiday this side of May the 4th. Today comic lovers everywhere flock to stores to pick up some free and discount comics and some stores go all out. My local comic shop, Flashback Comics of Northern Virginia, turns the store into a mini convention, with local talent and the occasional cosplayer. Although, due to the dreary weather, less tables were out this year, plenty of customers still showed.

First, I stopped by Mike Lunsford and Ben Shaw’s table. They’re the writer and artist respectively for  Ethan Stone, PI.

mike and ben

You can read my interview with Mike here.

Next, I met with the three of the four creators of Triad Comics Studios: Telly Watkins, Jody Morgan and James Hale. They recently published their first anthology, which can be purchased on their website.


You can check them out at

And finally, there was Christopher Inlow, an actor and winner of the 2012 Horror Host of the Year Award for his character, Slo Frank.

slo frank

And here’s a badass Black Widow Cosplay

black widow

And of course, my haul:

comic haul

And, on a related note, here’s Josh’s

josh's haul

josh's haul pt 2

all pictures were taken with permission to be posted to the website

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