Cosmo’s Gallery Remembers Darwyn Cooke

On Saturday comics creator Darwyn Cooke passed away from cancer at the age of 53. While we extend our condolences to Cooke’s family & loved ones, we also recall his creative legacy. His vibrant, expressive style will be fondly remembered by fans for many years to come.

Thanks for all the stellar art. Rest In Peace.

Batman Darwyn Cooke

Catwoman with jewel Darwyn Cooke
The Spirit logo Darwyn Cooke
The Spirit
Wonder Woman Darwyn Cooke
Wonder Woman
Superman Darwyn Cooke
Parker Darwyn Cooke
Wolverine and Doop Darwyn Cooke
Wolverine & Doop
Judge Anderson Darwyn Cooke
Judge Anderson
Catwoman style sheet Darwyn Cooke
Catwoman Style Sheet
Invisible Woman Darwyn Cooke
The Invisible Woman
Wonder Woman smiling Darwyn Cooke
Wonder Woman
Darwyn Cooke self-portrait
Zantanna Darwyn Cooke

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