Indubitable Issues and Pull List (06/01/16)




Cosmo’s Recommendation …
PaperGirls6Paper Girls #6
“One of the strongest debuts of 2015 is back with its second arc. The cliffhanger to #5 suggested that the series is about to take a wild swerve through left field, which has me extra intrigued what will happen next. Given the stellar work Brian K. Vaughan & Cliff Chiang did for the first arc, I have faith that the new direction will be equally rewarding  . . .”





Tyler’s Recommendation…

HellboyInHell10Hellboy In Hell #10

“This is it, the culmination of Red’s journey through Mignola’s creepy and amazing version of the underworld. What will become of our favorite half-demon? I have no real guesses, but I’m stoked to find out what Mignola has cooked up for us.”




Josh’s Recommendation
MasterOfKungFuHCShang-Chi Master of Kung Fu Omnibus
“Long out of print and considered never to be reprinted (given the Fu Manchu rights and their questionable taste during the 70s), Marvel has brought back Shang Chi’s early adventures. Although pricey, the talent involved guarantees its place on bookshelves for fans of Kung Fu heroes and classic Marvel stories.”
Dean’s Recommendations
MoonKnight3Moon Knight #3
“Last issue really picked up from the first. I expect the same trend out of issue #3 as Lemire gets comfortable with this character.” 
RenatoJonesTheOnePercentRenato Jones The One % #1 (2nd Printing)
“I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count to recommend a second printing of a book but it isn’t ridiculous to think you may have missed this book the first time around. If you missed it a month ago do yourself a favor and pick up this second printing to witness Kaare Andrews construct a fascinating story with fantastic art and color.”
As I’m sure you all have noticed, the pull list page is no longer present. We here at Nothing But Comics have decided to combine this weekly with the discussion of which comics we are all buying for the week. Included below is the link of our personal favorite product guide. Don’t worry, this is not an advertisement; the website is not paying us anything to push it (not that we’d object!). Comic List just happens to be totally awesome. So check out that massive list and then come on back here to let us know what you are buying.

2 thoughts on “Indubitable Issues and Pull List (06/01/16)”

  1. Revisionist
    Hellyboy In Hell
    Batman Rebirth
    Deadly Class
    Paper Girls
    Moon Knight
    X-Men 92
    4001 AD

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