2 thoughts on “New Avengers Series From Ewing & Medina”

  1. And now a word from an imaginary distressed fan:
    “But wait,where’s Tippy-Toe? I see Squirrel Girl front and center but no Tippy. Did Marvel just spoil Civil War II by revealing that Doreen and Tippy will end up on opposite sides? Or worse? Is Marvel killing off Tippy? She’s been in Unbeatable less — editorial must hate her. Will hers be the noble sacrifice that brings both sides to their senses? Damn, and I was hoping those rumors of a Tippy-Toe/Redwing team-up book would pan out . . .”

    That concludes your lunch break satire. Please enjoy the remainder of your afternoon . . .

    1. And you know, now that the idea’s in my mind, I’d really like to read a Redwing/Tippy-Toe team-up tale . . .

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