Tuesday Top Ten: Actors Who Played Multiple Comic Characters

Over the many years (and comic adaptations), many people have brought our favorite characters to life, some more than once. Maybe the first was a dud and the second was brilliant. Maybe they’ve nailed each casting and we rejoice seeing their names in the credits. Either way, here are the ten actors who’ve given the best multiple comic performances…
#10. Brandon Routh

“Routh’s career in comic book adaptations is a study in contrasts. He went from playing a morose and lost Superman, to a superpowered and dimwitted Vegan, to the eternal optimist Ray Palmer/The Atom on the CW. Through each of his roles, his boyish charm has been a constant characteristic and made his portrayal of Ray Palmer particularity endearing.”
#9. Morgan Freeman
“One of the biggest talents in Hollywood, Freeman has done some great movies. His role as Lucius Fox in the ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy provided crucial wit and storytelling devices to help Batman, while his role as Sloan in ‘Wanted’ fit more with his other cold characters in crime movies with a devious bent.”


#8. Jessica Alba
“Alba’s comic book roles include playing Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman and Nancy Callahan. Sadly, her role as a stripper in ‘Sin City’ showed more depth and emotion than an actual superhero. Still, Nancy was a woman who proved smarter and more resilient than her enemies or even love interest gave her credit. Its a performance that’s every bit on par with the rest of the cast, to Alba’s credit.”
#7. Halle Berry
“Berry’s roles are an inverse of Alba’s, her sexy role as Catwoman was the lesser performance to her turn as superhero Ororo Monroe/Storm of the X-Men. Her Storm showed vulnerability, femininity, leadership and power that enabled her to save herself and her teammates without a male coming to her rescue. Unfortunately, her character quickly wanes out of importance in the ‘X-Men’ movies, but because of the writing and not Berry’s acting prowess.”
#6. James Mcavoy
“Another X-Men and Assassin, Mcavoy played both young Charles Xavier in the ‘X-Men’ reboots and Wesley in ‘Wanted’. Both show two sides of Mcavoy, able to play a skeptical and wet-behind the ears badass, and a swinging,suave, British philosopher guiding a new generation of mutants to a better world. His turns as an every man assassin and Professor X show what range Mcavoy is capable of, as well as how crucial his talents are in prolonging enjoyment of the X-films alongside Fassbender’s Erik Lensherr.”
#5. Ryan Reynolds
“Reynolds is known for both a poorly received turn as Hal Jordon/Green Lantern, a warmer reception in one of the worst X-films and a universally loved faithful take on that same character in ‘Deadpool’. His comedic timing and love of the character paid off handsomely, its a spot-on performance redeeming Reynolds of any bad will earned from ‘Green Lantern’.
#4. Ron Pearlman
“Pearlman’s gruff personas have earned him roles as heroes, villains, and anti-heroes. His role as Reinhardt in ‘Blade 2’ began a frequent collaboration with director Guillermo Del Toro that brought Pearlman into the much acclaimed role as Hellboy. Before either of those, I watched his (voice) performance as Slade Wilson in ‘Teen Titans’. Its a powerful one, carried only by his voice, but sold Slade’s calculating mind and deadly skill.”
#3. Ben Affleck
“A controversial name who usually earns instant and deep scorn from comic fans for Affleck’s gamy performance as Daredevil. Nonetheless, he’s reinvented himself and his career which culminated in a powerful portrayal as Batman this year’s ‘Batman vs Superman’. While the movie itself is just as divisive as Affleck’s name, his performance has often been cited as the best aspect of the film and the best Batman seen on screen.”
#2. Chris Evans
“Evans has the distinction of being in the most comic book films. Most of them could be called middling, but certain ones stand out as examples of Evans’ talent as an actor. His Johnny Storm shows off the type arrogant, comedy roles that he played through much of his early career. Captain America:The First Avenger showed he could genuinely act and why the producers pursued him for the role. His lead in Snowpiercer is not only in one of the best comic book movies of 2013, its also one of the best movies of the year period. His Curtis Everett shows every facet of an actual character, and as such proves why Evans is actually a good actor saddled with quite a few cinematic duds.”
#1. Scarlet Johansson:
“Although I’ve criticized how her character is written in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that has nothing to do with Johannson’s acting. She’s one of the top actresses in Hollywood for a reason, she’s great. Smart & beautiful, its tough to imagine roles she COULDN’T play. Although some of the ones she did, you may ask ‘WHY’. Like Chris Evans, she’s picked roles in movies that didn’t turn out well. Everyone knows her as Black Widow, but do you remember the time she played the pretty assistant alongside Samuel L. Jackson’s Octopus in The Spirit? No? Yea, everyone tries to forget that movie. Although she reportedly asked director Frank Miller (Yes, that Frank Milller) for more for her character to do in the movie. It did not work, but it’s the thought that counts. So people have Black Widow, and Rebecca from the cult-hit Ghost World, to remember Johansson for outside of non-comic films. So a 2/3 success rate, combined with her impressive acting, earn Miss Johansson the Number 1 slot.”

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