DC Comics Announces Two New Miniseries

HKMASOOT-Cv1-99bc1DC Comics announced two new miniseries today. The first is featuring the Deadman character with Sarah Vaughan writing the comic and Lan Medina on art titled Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love. The second will be titled Hawkman & Adam Strange: Out of Time written by Marc Andreyko & drawn by Aaron Lopresti. Details at CBR here & here

One thought on “DC Comics Announces Two New Miniseries”

  1. The Deadman one definitely sounds intriguing. Sarah Vaughn has a proven track record with period romance (Fresh Romance) & sci-fi romance (Alex + Ada) so a ghost romance should be a safe bet. Bonus points for Stephanie Hans cover . . .

    I’m curious about a new Adam Strange series, but have found Andreyko’s writing lackluster in the past . . .

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