Podcast Episode Thirty Three

20160806_130816 Where we love Kill or Be Killed and Paper Girls. Like Green Arrow and Moon Knight. Hate Suicide Squad Rebirth. Also, the guys discuss the stupid ass Rotten Tomatoes petition and the Suicide Squad film, wonder how 80’s nostalgia translates so well to mind bending science fiction & Alex drinks some beer with adorable labels.

14 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Thirty Three”

  1. I love cilantro. Ya, humans genetically have different reactions to some tastes and smells. Too bad Alex. For example when I cook certain cuts of pork I smell a combination of sweat, rot, and poo. It’s called “taint” and only some people can smell it. It’s gross.

  2. I think Pat has a point about rehashing too many off the same elements in DC comics. I was thinking that about Green Lantern, I was thinking “this is good but it’s just more of the same”. I ordered the Squad… But I don’t have it. A blessing?

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