15 thoughts on “The Rob Brings Back Youngblood”

    1. Ha. Man, I don’t think those aged well although I liked them at the time. I loved Spawn. I actually did a class presentation about Spawn comics. I actually thought I did good until I finished and one by one the class burst out laughing including the teacher. Apparently, I swore a couple of times during the speech and didn’t realize it. Funny in hindsight. I was ad-libbing a lot, so shit and crap just kind of dumped out of my mouth randomly.

      1. I was never a big McFarlane, honestly. I liked some of his art, but thought he was overrated. His writing . . . ugh. Spawn, like most of those initial Image series, was a good concept that never really amounted to much more than flash and style. Still not sure why I stuck around for the series as long as I did. Youngblood and Wild CATS I gave up on after only a couple issues . . . .

        1. I think the thing about Big Mac was that his art was very unique and exaggerated and that he was on Spiderman when Spiderman was the biggest character in comics. I liked his art a lot back then. Him, Larsen and Bagley were my favorite artists but that’s probably mostly because they were all on my favorite book, “Spidey”. I actually liked a lot of Liefeld’s spin off series from way back like Brigade, Prophet, Supreme, etc. but if they were anything like Liefeld’s recent work then they were probably terrible. Wildcats was my least favorite book of the debut Images. Spawn, Savage Dragon, Shadow Hawk, Cyberforce, Youngblood, and then Wildcats is the order I would rank them based on my opinion as a silly child. Probably most of the writing was bad but McFarlane and Larsen aren’t as bad as the other image founders (who really can’t write at all). Frankly, Larsen is a pretty skilled comic writer. He has made Savage Dragon into a pretty wild comedy comic. He calls comics “funny books” and at least for Savage Dragon that description is apt.

          1. Yeah, McFarlane could be good when he kept his excesses reined in, which decreased as his fame grew. Never cared for his writing though.

            Was always a fan of Larson and Bagley’s art. Never read much of Savage Dragon (I probably still have the first issue somewhere).

            I enjoyed Valentino’s writing for Guardians of the Galaxy. That was a good title until it got completely overtaken with ridiculous attempts to tie 20th Century characters into the 31st. And I always thought his idea for Shadowhawk (readers don’t know the hero’s secret identity) was a good one, if the actual comic was lacking. Again, though, I haven’t read any of this stuff since the 90s, so, who knows how well it holds up . . .

            1. Ya, the original Savage Dragon mini series is very different from what the ongoing series evolved into. It started off very 90s serious and turned into a pretty goofy in a good way comic.

          1. And I’m sure you enjoyed the thoughtful examination of superheros as cultural figures and how their celebrity status would impact society far beyond actors, musicians etc?

            Or at least that’s what Liefeld claimed the series would be about when it was first announced . . .

                  1. Perhaps, but that early Angela stuff still has some pretty dated/embarrassing elements.

                    I bought all four of those guest writer issues (Moore, Gaiman, Sim & Frank Miller) back when they came out and Gaiman’s is the only one I’ve revisited since then. I literally can’t recall anything about the other three except that I found ’em all lackluster . . .

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