Podcast Episode Thirty Five

image In this episode we talk about a lot of things. We talk about comic books like Batman, Demonic, Supergirl Rebirth, Black Widow & Thor. We talk about inherent comic book logic and how that can be a hurdle for new readers in reference to The Incal. We talk about the new Captain America statue in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. We talk about Alex’s awful beer. We talk about the new Frank Ocean album’s and how that highlights the importance of inclusion and diverse voices. But mostly we talk about the terrible, terrible, terrible Spawn Kills Everyone. It is so terrible

16 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Thirty Five”

  1. I have Incal and I read parts of it. I think European comics are lost in translation. I’ve read most of the prominant euro comics and just leave thinking great art and bland writing.

  2. I used to occasionally dable in “demon possession” pop culture but it started to creep me out too much so I decided to never watch/ read another demon possession book, tv show, or movie ever again.
    Ha, Pat defending adultery… But he has a point. Humans weren’t meant to be monogamous for more than a few years. Adulterers are assholes but one day that asshole may be you or I or anyone.

  3. I’m way behind in Thor but how special is Jason Aaron. Star Wars and Thor are fantastic. He will go down as one of the best comic writers ever. I wish Aaron was writing for the Star Wars movies, he’s that good.

    You didn’t like Spawn kills everyone? Ha… It’s in the grand tradition of Punisher kills the Marvel Universe.. Ha. Ya, killing cosplayers is kind of twisted.

  4. I read heart shaped box and i liked it but I love N0S4A2. As far Stephen King goes, you guys have to read the sequel to the Shining, “Doctor Sleep”. It’s so superheroesc. Just as good as N0S4A2.

    1. I’ve been on a Stephen King kick lately. I’ve read a ton of his work (maybe my favorite book of all time is The Stand), but there are still plenty I haven’t. Read Misery last week and in the middle of It right now.

      1. Ya, I was really late to reading King’s work. I saw too much of it on film and don’t like watching things before I read things. When I finally gave him a chance everything has been fantastic (apart from Dark Tower book 1). His son has a little bit of his father in him. Anyway, the latest two King books I read were his recent horror anthology and the dead zone, both were good. I’ve seen misery too many times in film to dive into that but obviously it must be great… And terrifying. If you are ever in the beautiful state of Colorado you can visit the Stanley hotel, the place that King got his inspiration for the Shining from. It’s a cool experience because it’s a historic hotel in the gorgeous mountain town of Estes Park right outside the gates of Rocky Mountain national park. It’s even got a hundred year old movie theater you can see current movies in. Not too far from you. 15 hour plus drive maybe. You may get some ideas for your novel at the Great sand dunes or dinosaur national monument. I love Colorado.. Sorry .. Big Colorado plugging tangent.

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