Wheedon, Downey Jr, Johansen, Ruffalo & More Urge You To Not Vote Trump

Also features Don Cheadle, Clark Gregg, James Franco’s bad facial hair, Hopper from Stranger Things along with more actors and actresses that are probably far more accomplished and  important then they guy that plays Hopper but not totally relevant to a comic book site.

9 thoughts on “Wheedon, Downey Jr, Johansen, Ruffalo & More Urge You To Not Vote Trump”

  1. And Kentucky’s governor talks of the “bloody” insurrection that may be needed if Donald Trump looses the election. In one of the richest, safest nations on the planet we have morons bitching about things like they are… Oh I don’t know… Like they are living in Syria or something. When will this election be over… If the answer was last week it would be too late.

  2. My mom has two Republican business partners. One around 55 years old and one close to 80 years old. For clarity sake I’m going to call the 80 year old “Mo Fo” and let’s call the 55 year old “Most Fo”. Today Mo Fo said to my mother that Trump is right about this and that and the next thing (and my mother let all of it go until Mo Fo brought up “Illegals” while sitting at a table with one of my moms best friends whose husband is of Mexican descent and whose children are half hispanic). Mo Fo said that most “Illegals” are criminals, murders or rapists and my mom responded with, “that is absolutely not true”. She explained something about fact check . org and then Mo Fo said the following, “but what about Most Fo’s nephew who was killed by an illegal mexican”, (turning to Most Fo) “right Most Fo” he says. THIS WAS AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING REVELATION because Most Fo told my mom this same story 10 years ago except 10 years ago the story was that an African American killed his nephew. So my mom says this to Most Fo immediately, “Most Fo, you told me the guy that killed your nephew was black and on top of that you said he was never caught so how would you even know what race he was”! Most Fo didn’t have any response. Embarrassing. True story, I shit you not this happened a few hours ago. So apparently Most Fo has been telling this story to hundreds of people and occasionally changing the perpetrators race whenever it suits him. Meanwhile Most Fo seems to have a lot of family that get in brawls resulting in serious injury, but of course when family is involved it’s just youthful indiscretion.

      1. Ya, this is the scarey part. Two educated millionaires talking like this. Two guys who work with minorities and immigrants (sometimes) and have been made rich by them. The older one openly supports Trump and the younger one has been pretending that he doesn’t like Trump. I find the pretending even more sinister because while he is telling my mom that he doesn’t like Trump he is also telling this weird story about an illegal killing his nephew to more conservative people. Literally, if it wasn’t for multiple immigrants these two guys would have millions of dollars less in their Uncle Scrooge piggy banks.

  3. http://www.bleedingcool.com/2016/08/22/when-milo-yiannopoulos-talked-to-chuck-dixon-about-stephanie-brown/

    Chuck fuck Dixon saying that “comics are crap”. As I’ve said before. I had first hand experience with this guy (while he was one of my favorite writers with great runs on Robin and Nightwing). Nobody was talking to him and I strolled up and said “you’re one of my favorite writer’s”… he said nothing in response; he just glared aggressively. I’ve never ever been looked at by a comics professional in that way in my entire life and I’ve met hundreds of comics pros before and since. It was awkward so I just said, “can you sign something for me” and I motioned to a stack of Robin comics sitting in front of him. He signed silently and pushed it towards me. I then said “do I owe you anything”? He then motioned to a jar for wounded warriors or some such which I dropped a few dollars in. He said nothing. Just glared. At the time I thought maybe that he was having a bad day (it was the early to mid two thousands). I now know that it wasn’t a bad day. He wrote the clinton cash adaption and I just read two excerpts that focus on an Irish friend and a Sikh friend of the Clintons who were probably helped politically and or financially by the Clintons (as if this doesn’t happen with every politician). Focusing on foreigners eh? I guess he is not worried about Russian ex KGB friends. Certainly Sikh hotel owners are worse than Russian ex KGB… wink wink.. noich noich .. say no more.

  4. I find this hilarious. In one interview Dixon suggests that the comics industry is failing and fading away (talking about how Warner Brothers and Disney are complaining about low comics sales). In the previous interview he is talking about how comics aren’t going away and are more popular than ever?? Trump like eh?


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