Podcast Episode Thirty Nine


It’s almost back to business as usual as Alex had some last minute business that prevented him from joining the pod this week. Dean & Pat soldier on talking Black Monday Murders, Kill or Be Killed, Black Panther, Detective Comics, Doom Patrol, Moon Knight, Gotham Academy & Glitterbomb. In addition, Dean skips Paper Girls to watch the Bluejays with his dad, Pat finally saw most of Batman vs Superman Dawn Of Justice, Fantasy Football updates and Pat tries not to spoil Game of Thrones for Dean but kind of does before just using an X-Men metaphor.

6 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Thirty Nine”

  1. Are the game of thrones spoilers from this last season? Because I stopped watching because I’m waiting to read the last two books first. Hopefully they come out before pigs start flying. I kid, I kid. I love George Martin. #nothowTrumploves.

        1. When I was reading the books… literaly 5000 giant pages give or take a few… I got so invested in the characters. I had a list of favorites… So many favorites. My first favorite character … Edard and then Robb … Even Renly and the Knight of Flowers were light favs of mine.. And then later on Arya and Tryon became great favorites … Soon .. The Hound and Obyron Martel became favs… Even Varys at times peaked my admiration and that dude has literaly no testicles… And gradually my world crumbled as Georgie killed one after another off .. I think I yelled out “what the fuck” like a crazy person after a few of those. The great writer Bernard Cornel was mad at George just for killing off the first major character. Anyway, the show is supposedly now ahead of the books .. Which is a really weird situation but I’m going to wait.

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