NYCC Podcast Special Episode One


Cosmo & I (Pat) hit the artists alley floor to talk to comics creators in their own words about their work, their process, their inspiration and more.  This episode features James Tynion IV, David Walker, Sanford Greene, Jill Thompson, Al Ewing & Ryan North. Click below for the audio more info on the interviews.

In our first episode, we start out by having an in depth conversation with current Detective Comics writer James Tynion IV where he describes writing his first comics in the spotlight on the New 52 Batman relaunch, how he learned pacing on Talon, Scott Snyder as a teacher, Constantine The Hellblazer, visual story choices in Detective Comics and more.

We then have a really fun chat with David Walker and Sanford Greene, the writer and artist team for the current Powerman & Iron Fist series. Walker and Sanford talk about their process in creating the book and you can see the same convivial spirit of their comics in their interactions with one another Creighton also talks to Walker about his upcoming Occupy Avengers series and the unique story choices he’s making with the series in regards to characters and they practicality of being on a superhero team. Unfortunately, I did talk about Walker’s Nighthawk series but that part accidently got cut out. Needless to say, Walker told me that the lack of subtlety in that book is completely deliberate because it’s necessary and we both agree that it has the potential to live on past it’s ongoing shelf life for future readers to discover.

We move on to talk with Jill Thompson about her recent Wonder Woman: The True Amazon Original Graphic Novel and excellent Beast of Burden series. Thompson talks about how she was able to find a unique take on the hero by focusing on her upbringing within the Amazon community while also discussing her technical preference for her art before going into Beasts of Burden’s origin’s, her own relationship with animals and what facial features help denote expression for canine’s. I speak with Al Ewing about his excellent Ultimate series in addition to his overall work with Marvel, the way he write’s for different artists, some of his favorite character he’s worked on and exploring Patriotism as a concept in US Avengers in the context of the current political climate. Finally, we speak with Ryan North who is as effortlessly funny in person as he is in his comics writing. North talks about utilizing different quirk’s in the Marvel universe, some of his unique influences, experimenting with story structure, his background in computer science and his dog, which has the worlds greatest dog name.

8 thoughts on “NYCC Podcast Special Episode One”

  1. Great questions dudes. Loved it except for that part where Cosmo hates on “only children”… I kid. I appreciate what you guys do. I even had a tear in my eye at the beginning of the cast thinking about how great you guys were doing… Ah who am I kidding… Those were tears of joy because of “the Donald” imploding. Still… Great stuff. Thanks.

    1. I will even pick up Detective comics after my move now.. You guys got me reevaluating this Tyrion the 12th guy.

      First I gotta jump back on king’s Batman… One word … Bane!

      1. Thanks for the kind words on the podcast. I would definitely recommend checking out Tynion’s Detective Comics — best thing I’ve read by him to date and one of the highlights of Rebirth in general . . .

  2. Oh, and unrelated … I just saw the accountant … Loved it! The main character has an Action Comics# 1 as part of his secret stash. He out Batmans batman in this. Good cast of actors on this.

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