NYCC Podcast Special Episode Two


While on our last episode we talked to creators from some of our favorite superhero comics in 2016, today’s podcast focuses on creators making comics atypical of the medium’s genre trappings with Marguerite Bennett, Dalibor Talajic, Box Brown, Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko. Click below for the audio and more on the interviews

Marguerite Bennett had one of the busiest tables in artist alley and with good reason as she’s proven to be one of comics most refreshing and original storytellers of the last few years. I’ll admit to being a bit nervous just to be holding up all her fans during the show to interview her and as such, I’m not sure my questions were as thoughtful as I’d have liked them to be. That didn’t matter in retrospect because Bennett’s answers are so well thought out, detailed and expressive; she is the consummate professional. In our conversation we speak about her process and what she’s learned over her three years writing comics and I get to sneak in a Frank Ocean question at the interviews tail end. Cosmo also spoke with Bennett earlier in the convention and you can read about his conversation with her here with more in depth questions about Animosity, Angela: Queen of Hel as well as some of her comments on Batwoman during the DC Comics Batman panel. Next we spoke with artist Dalibor Talajic about his new Madaya Mom series from Marvel Dalibor talks about the projects inception, working off of the texts of a first hand eye-witness in the war zone and shares some interesting thoughts on the humanitarian crisis overall and what it means for the world at large and it’s future.

I sit down with cartoonist Box Brown at the First Second publisher booth on the main floor to talk about his new series that just came out in book stores and comic shops last Tuesday, Tetris: The Games People Play, a biographical comic about the games origins and rise to prominence. Box discusses his inspiration for the series and the importance of “low brow” art. We speak about the history his comic explores in the games creation, initial viral success and it’s simple genius. You can read more about Tetris: The Games People Play and find  links to online retailers here. Finally, we close out the podcast with a one of our most fun conversations of the convention between Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko of the Image Comics ongoing, Invisible Republic We talk to Hardman & Bechko about the comics many real life allegories in politics and science along with their process in creating comics together, Corinna’s background in zoology and a lot more.

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