NYCC Podcast Special Episode Three

captureIn today’s podcast we talk with a handful of creators from some of our favorite ongoing Image Comic’s series, highlighting the variety of content and creative talent that resides within the publisher with interviews with Wes Craig, Alex De Campi, Carla Speed McNeil,  Declan Shalvey & Ricardo Lopez Ortiz. Click below for the audio and more on the interviews

We start with co-creator and artist of NBC favorite Deadly Class, Wes Craig. Since it’s first issue, we at Nothing But Comics have been avid readers of the title and the series took a huge left turn recently at the conclusion of it’s previous arc and the start of it’s return in the most recent issue. We spoke with Craig shortly after the latest installment had been released and the early stages of the books new status-quo were revealed. We talk about that, along with his character design and style of page layouts along with his & series writer Rick Remender’s creative process with one another. Our conversation with Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil is one of the most informative, entertaining and humorous of the whole con. We speak with De Campi and McNeil about their excellent No Mercy comic series and they tell us the iconic manga titles that influenced the series, world building a comic on a world that’s just like out, some of the unique creative choices they’ve made like their usage of emoji’s or range of subject matter, the importance of coming correct in their design aesthetic, their creative process and we close out with McNeil, De Campi and Creighton talking about some of their favorite old movies.

We then take some time to talk to Declan Shalvey about his work on Injection along with his time spent this summer doing work for hire on All-Star Batman & Civil War Choosing Sides.  Declan talks a lot about Injection and the deliberate story choices they made as well as the experience of working with Warren Ellis and Jordie Bellaire. We also get into how he  managed work on both Marvel & DC projects over the summer with his schedule on the mainline Injection series. Finally, we talk with the current artist for Wolf and Civil War II: Kingpin; Ricardo Lopez Ortiz. Ricardo talks about his creative process with Wolf writer Ales Kot on the book and how he ended up taking over for original series creator Matt Taylor. Ricardo also talks about how he got on the Kingpin Civil War book as well as future Wolf plans.

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