6 thoughts on “Logan Red Band Trailer”

  1. Has potential.

    Note to however cut the trailer: Cash’s slow, somber vocals worked great for the first half of the trailer, but were really out of place during the second half fight scenes. Needed a different rhythm . . .

    Anyway . . .

    1. Glover’s been long rumored for Lando, but, the official confirmation is no less welcome. Still have mixed feelings about seeing anyone but Ford as Solo, though.

      Atlanta is brilliant — my favorite new series of the season so far. Last week’s talk show episode was pure genius . . .

      1. Okay, well I’m glad it’s confirmed. It will be tough for anyone to pull of Solo but fingers crossed.

        That talk show episode was amazing; like, innovative even. When I was watching that, it actually crossed my mind that they are just going wildly out of the box for an episode sort of like comics are doing a lot lately.

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