NYCC Podcast Special Episode Five

paul-pope-david-rubin-fansToday our podcast explores creators that have been able to make their marks on under the radar work for hire comics. These are comic’s pro’s that have made their names doing great work on less well known but equally excellent licensed titles along with a couple names from Marvel & DC that you may not know yet, but are making a huge impact. We speak directly with Fred Van Lente, Max Fiumara, Stephen Byrne, Edgar Delgado & Mico Suayah. Click below for the audio and more on the interviews 

Fred Van Lente is consistently one of comics most inventive and entertaining writers whose work can be found across the industry, including his extended time writing for Valiant Comics. Creighton links up with Van Lente after a Valiant panel to talk with the writer about his extended bibliography at the publisher and the imaginative choices he’s made on his books there. We then speak with Max Fiumara who recently completed an extended run on Abe Sapien. Max tells us about how he got hooked up with Mignola, the creative process across the different Mignolaverse titles, his favorite issue he’s done on the series, his creator owned Four Eyes comic with Joe Kelly and more.

We then break away for a brief conversation with Green Arrow’s Stephen Byrne. Byrne talks about how he got on the series and what he uses to illustrate his comics. While at the time we didn’t know, I expect will be hearing a lot more from Byrne based on the recent announcement of his Justice League/Power Rangers series.  We then have one of our most fun and lively chats with Marvel colorist Edgar Delgado. He talks about coloring for Humberto Ramos and we have an extended conversation on his creator owned Ultra Duck comics. We close out the podcast having a brief interview with Bloodshot artist Mico Suayah. Mico talks about working with Jeff Lemire and describes the fun he’s having working at Valiant.

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