4 thoughts on “Moving Forward”

    1. Roe V Wade has been on shaky ground for years — Justice Kennedy is basically the only reason it’s still standing. So, the replacement of Scalia’s seat with another conservative merely maintains the status quo. Now if Kennedy’s seat is vacated in the next four years (let alone if one of the ones currently held by a liberal) then yes, Roe V Wade is probably gone. The even scarier thought is if some of the more hard right members go further and toss out the right to privacy along with it. That ruling is the basis for guaranteeing access to birth control and decriminalizing homosexuality. It is a more far-fetched scenario but one that’s possibility.

      Needless to say any progress we made transgender rights is likely to be stopped dead in its tracks. Also, upholding those “religious liberties” laws looks more likely now . . .

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