Podcast Episode Forty Four

incompatibleeachastrangiacoral They guys come back after a brief holidays hiatus to talk comics and other things. The crew share what they want to see from comics creators, publishers, fans and film adaptations in 2017 and beyond. In addition, the usual inanities about movies, the holidays, recommendations and more.

36 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Forty Four”

  1. Any reason why there isn’t a download link? I might not want to listen to this podcast directly off the website.

  2. I’m thinking I probably told this story before on this site but I actually had a friend rescued by a teen girl half his size from the deep end of a wave pool. Was slightly scary at first and then funny as hell as she was dragging him out. We were in the deep end without tubes when the waves started and two of us told another friend of mine we have to swim back to the shallow end right away but he panicked and swam to those “ladders” that say “don’t climb” on them. There was split second that I could have swam back and helped him but he was one of those idiot friends that never listen so I was momentarily pissed. You have to be a great athlete to grab those ladders and hold on as you are getting hit by 3 foot waves. Needless to say that every time he got a hold of the ladder a wave would knock him off. The tiniest little life guard at the park jumped in and saved him. We never mentioned it again… well except for now. I’m not naming names for now… you got that check in mail right J B?

    I love Green Room… I really liked Anton Yelchin a lot in a bunch of movies (watch the Fright Night remake dudes). He had a unique screen presence… that accident sucked.. fucking piece of shit Jeep… worst cars ever… my opinion and consumer reports opinion… so pretty much fact.

    The V V itch I’m going to no comment on except the trailer was great.

    1. Loved Fright Night. He is actually really good in Rudderless as well. I also have a hate for Jeeps, for a few reasons, one of them being Anton’s accident. The other being my ex-girlfriend drove one and I don’t like running into her.

  3. I agree(d) about Dan Slot on Spiderman. I read a substantial portion of his early run and it got me to quit Amazing Spiderman for the first time ever. I read Amazing Spidey from when I was a child in 1990 right up to that point with Slot and never missed an issue. So needless to say I kind of hated Slot. Something got me to read that big Spiderverse crossover (from two years back) and it was fucking amazing though and I’m reading his comics from 12-6 months back on the Marvel Unlimited app and he has introduced a pretty compelling enemy in Regent. Regent may be the best new Spiderman villain I’ve seen since Venom (nowhere near as cool as Venom but there have pretty much been no new good villains introduced in the Marvel U for a while).

    1. Spider-man was my favourite hero for so long before I was reading comics. When I jumped back into comics it was Dan Slot writing SpiderOck or Ock-Man or whatever. I actually thought the comics were okay but ended up dropping them because I wasn’t really getting the spidy I wanted. Still haven’t gotten back into it now 4 years later. It’s sad I miss spidy…

  4. I was reading Buzzfeed’s Trump earth shattering news while listening to this cast and I’m kind of disappointed that I pretty much knew all of it already 😦 . POOP. Trump had Russian call girls; I’m shocked. I kid, I kid. What a let down. I was hoping that he tossed Putin’s salad or something.

    1. I had a dream last night that Trump was in bed with Hilary and two young buff shirtless dudes who didn’t speak English. That would have been interesting.

    2. The thing about this report (brought to you by James Bond by the way) is that the sexual stuff is not worse than just grabbing random women by the genitals without permission. Everything else in the report was already obvious to me and will be vehemently denied by those that I am now diametrically opposed to.

      1. That’s OK. I assume, when those who you’re “diametrically opposed to” cited unsubstantiated reports to you about the “obvious” transgressions of Hilary Clinton, you probably “vehemently denied” those as well.

        Do I think that Trump’s treatment of women is disgusting? Yes. However, one needs to be careful about sources. Right now, that Russia report is about as verifiable as Pizzagate . . .

        1. “Right now, that Russia report is about as verifiable as Pizzagate . . .”
          Pizzagate was made up by people online where as the Trump story was being reported by a former British intelligence agent so no, that is not comparable.

          1. “A former British agent” according to who? Did Buzzfeed vet their identity? For all we know, it could have been made up by some person/people online. Or it could be accurate. My point is without any corroboration, it is entirely hearsay.

            Now, protecting sources is a legitimate journalistic concern. Deep Throat might have masked his identity from the public but not from the reporters with whom he spoke. They and their editor knew his identity and were able to fact check his tips. As far as I am aware Buzzfeed was unable to do that in this case.

            1. His name is Christopher Steele and it’s been known about for months among reporters and people in Washington. Buzzfeed just had the courage to actually run it.

            2. “The strange story of the dossier, which United States intelligence agencies, the F.B.I., Senator John McCain and many journalists have had for weeks, if not months, and which Mr. Trump presumably must have known about, appears to have had personal consequences for Mr. Steele.”

              “For all we know, it could have been made up by some person/people online.”
              Actually, we in fact no it was not

              1. Germany 1933. After winning only 37% of the vote, the Nazi party comes Into government along with the Social Democrat party and the Communist party in a 3 party system. Now the Social Democrats and the Communists could have formed a coalition and shut down everything that the Nazis were trying to do but instead the Dems and the Communists opposed each other. Meanwhile Hitler dissolved the German government and created a one party system without asking permission from the rest of the government. They used a terrorist attack on the capital building as an excuse to dissolve the government. The first people to be killed or imprisoned by the Nazis were Communists by the thousands. I don’t think we can afford to argue amongst ourselves. And no… I’m not saying this is EXACTLY the same situation as Germany 1933 or 1928 or whatever but there are similarities. Putin also came to power after a terrorist attack by the way. Anyone think that we are going to have more attacks?

                1. I never suggested that appeasement was the proper response to Trump. Trust me, I have spent plenty of time pondering the historical parallels . . .

        2. By saying … I am now diametrically opposed to (I am not referring to this report) I mean the numerous people I know in my personal life who tell me things like an African illegal Mexican American killed their relative and send me emails about Mexican crime rates and Muslims causing all of our wild fires(not climate change) . Shit dude. The night before the election my mom and I were walking downtown and a woman with a group of people in front of us turns around and says this “there are some Swamp people behind us” looking directly at me. Her group doesn’t respond… some of them had been drinking… a mix of men and women… a few seconds go by and she turns around again and says “there are swamp people behind us”… at this point … I’m thinking “what the fuck”. She turns again looks directly at me and says… “yes, defiantly swamp people..”. at some point the group starts chanting swamp people. After we pass them a different woman states ” that’s the worst thing I’ve done etc….I can’t believe we did that”. So in other words… fuck anyone that voted for Trump… I make no apologies… they most certainly won’t.

        3. Oh… by the way… I typed on this site ” that I don’t know what Clinton is about” and that I’m a Sanders supporter so blindly accepting Clinton anything has nothing to do with me. One of the fundmental moral differences between liberals and conservatives is that liberals value kindness and fairness over loyalty and sanctity. This explains why you are trying to be fair right now. Conservatives will be party loyal before they act on fairness. I get what you are doing but I doubt many of them are doing what you are right now.

          1. “but I doubt many of them are doing what you are right now”

            Which is why, we need to be extra vigilant about not stooping to their level. The next four years have the potential to be very nasty and everyone (on either side of the aisle) needs to take a deep breath and try their best be fair. Otherwise, we all lose.

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