It’s A Wonderful Day To Be A Cullen Bunn Fan

c2j-ss1xgaan-1Writer Cullen Bunn, who will go down in the annals of Nothing But Comics history for having called out Alex in person for something negative I wrote about him, had two announcements with Image and Marvel comics recently. The writers Monsters Unleashed event will continue into an ongoing series in April of 2017 with art by David Baldeon of Nova in addition to the launching of his first Image Comics series titled Regression with artist Danny Luckert of Haunted & colorist of Marie Enger of Pistolwhip. More details here & here via CBR

One thought on “It’s A Wonderful Day To Be A Cullen Bunn Fan”

  1. Just listened to the opening of podcast 15. That is funny. Certainly if I was an ” artist”, I would have to try not to dig too deep in the net. It’s easy to misinterpret the written word. Podcasts are good for these situations. I used to be unfairly negative about Bunn but the joke was on me. Harrow County was, is and will continue to be fantastic. I’m thinking about Avengers Arena now, unique book.

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