This Week’s Finest: Rick and Morty #22


By Kyle Starks, CJ Cannon, Katy Farina, Marc Ellerby, CRANK!

Jerry done goofed the multiverse last issue, while Rick and Morty make the situation worse trying to fix things by poring gasoline on a fire. Rick and Morty #22 proves that we are our own worst enemies, but that it is also This Week’s Finest…


Put down by Rick one too many times, Jerry went looking for Doofus Rick for some positive affirmation and an afternoon of fun in a parallel dimension. There, he and Doofus Rick are captured by a power-hungry dopple-Jerry who steals their portal guns and returns to “our” Rick and Morty’s dimension to mess their lives up. Naturally, they know right away that this confident and cunning cutthroat Jerry is an impostor. When Rick tries to kick his ass to send him packing, dopple-Jerry turns the tables and beats Rick instead. The two are left to either blow up the Earth, or ask the Council of Ricks for help. You can guess which one Rick tries first.

Part of what I like about this issue is how much Rick and Morty struggle with getting rid of this evil Jerry. It occurred to me after reading it they could just shoot him and be done with it, but that would sort of ruin the tension that Kyle Starks has established. A Jerry able to outwit both Rick and Morty is a power that must be stopped, and so the conflict escalates in true Rick and Morty fashion. It’s rare that they encounter a problem that they don’t just run from or blow up, so exploring them just grasping at straws is entertaining.


It’s also pretty funny, both in science fiction humor and the gross-out humor you expect on the show. I don’t want to spoil the jokes but here’s a hint: buttholes. There’s also callbacks to the episode Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind, with Doofus Rick, the Council of Ricks and even the pilot. The occasional use of these callbacks helps the comic feel more in-line with the show without feeling like a poor extension of it. Also, Rick trying to blow up the Earth yet again is just such a Rick thing to do.


Cannon maintains his clean style as before, with Farina’s colors giving a subtle kick. Cannon’s approach is perfect for this comic, and his use of shadow on the first three pages really impressed me in that they seemed to reflect Rick and Morty’s mood about their predicament. Cannon’s storytelling helps to sell the visual gags as well as the absurd reactions of the characters to the insanity going on around them.

Marc Ellerby’s back-up story, about Morty getting a hand from a doppelganger of his own to  impress a girl also goes wrong in a pretty novel way. As it turns out, the doppelganger that acts all confident and smooth  is a giant pig that pretty much screws up Morty’s chances with the girl. It’s a funny aside that keeps up the main theme from the main plot that parallel versions of people should just be avoided. Decent lesson from a world where brown note rays are stockpiled.

The issue ends on a cliffhanger, but it looks pretty dire for our heroes. They’ve literally tried everything except blowing up the Earth, so their options are lacking. Maybe Doofus Rick will come up with something to save the day or maybe an evil Jerry Smith (like all Jerry Smiths) will just succumb to failure naturally. In any case, humor aplenty and a novel obstacle for Rick and Morty makes it This Week’s Finest.

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