Ed Brubaker Teaming With Nicholas Winding Refn For A New Amazon TV Series

960Writer Ed Brubaker of Kill or Be Killed, Criminal, Captain America and the HBO series Westworld will be teaming with Drive director Nicholas Winding Refn for a new television series for Amazon Prime streaming service titled Too Old To Die Young. According to Brubaker via his newsletter

“So yes, that’s what I’ve been working on that’s kept me so busy the past several months. It’s a TV series that Nicolas Winding Refn and I co-created and are co-writing every episode of, and he’s directing the entire thing. And yes, it is a crime series. Other than that, I am sworn to secrecy.”

More details at Variety

13 thoughts on “Ed Brubaker Teaming With Nicholas Winding Refn For A New Amazon TV Series”

    1. I’ve only seen Bronson and Drive. There is a certain amount of quirk in his movies. Perhaps too much quirk in his writing. Ed is definitely a better writer. When I say quirk I really mean weird… I remember watching Bronson with a bunch of dudes… I think we were all uncomfortable. How bout those Patriots… Drive has a quirk but it is a tolerable quirk for me.

  1. Well I have nothing against quirk or weird as I count the likes of Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, David Lynch and Jan Swankmejer among my favorite directors. Most of the pieces I’ve read about Refn make the movies sound like a lot style over substance. Which can be entertaining at times . . .

    I always forget he did Bronson – that is on my to see list . . .

    1. Ya, I don’t mind quirk really either. The quirk is really turned up a notch in this case though. Drive is almost perfect at times and then in others it’s like “what just happened”… “that would never happen”. Bronson is supposed to be based on a real person so that is even more shocking. I think Style is the opperative word. Style he certainly has. Now with Bru he has teamed up with substance.

      1. Drive is great, most of his other movies are meh. I admire Neon Demon not for being a good movie, because it isn’t, but for the sheer gall it has to basically be every stereotype people have about art house cinema

  2. Oh on a similar subject. Amazon’s TV rival HBO has been flooding their channels with civil rights movies and politically relevant films like the Pianist. Just watched “42” the Jackie Robinson movie today headlined by the Black Panther. HBO is really doing a great service between this Vice, John Oliver and Mayer. I loved when Jim Jeffries told Piers Morgan to fuck off this week on Mayer.

      1. Ya, Vice is so in depth and “on location” that it worries me and even creeps me out when I compare it to local news or even CNN. Local news just shows one black face after another and then a series of random things to fear and then something about a dog or cat. Vice is how I thought news was supposed to be. There is supposed to be some big sale coming up for HBO’s parent company. Hopefully that doesn’t happen.

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