Podcast Episode Fifty Part Two

swamp_thing_035_01-231 Part two of our top fifty runs of all time podcast going from 25 to 1 featuring discussions on The Flash by Carmine Infantino, Brian K Vaughan & Pia Guerra’s Y The Last Man, Nick Fury by Jim Steranko, Animal Man by Grant Morrison, Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Spiderman by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko, The Fantastic Four by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby and more. Click below for the rankings

  • 25.  Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin
  • 24. Captain America by Ed Brubaker
  • 23. Sandman by Neil Gaiman
  • 22. Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison
  • 21. Lone Wolf & Cub by Kazu Koike
  • 20. The Flash by Carmine Infantino
  • 19. Batman by Neil Adams & Denny O’Neil
  • 18. Y, The Last Man by Brian K Vaughan & Pia Guerra
  • 17. Thor by Walt Simonson
  • 16. Nick Fury by Jim Steranko
  • 15. The Arzach by Moebius
  • 14. Animal Man by Grant Morrison
  • 13. Daredevil by Frank Miller
  • 12. Prince Valiant by Hal Foster
  • 11. Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo
  • 10.  Fourth World by Jack Kirby,
  • 9. Superman by Curt Swan,
  • 8. Love & Rockets by Gilbert Hernandez & Jamie Hernandez,
  • 7. Little Nemo by Winsor McCay
  • 6.  Swamp Thing by Alan Moore
  • 5. Spiderman by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko
  • 4. X-Men by Chris Claremont
  • 3. The Spirit by Will Eisner
  • 2. Watchmen by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons
  • 1. Fantastic Four by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

19 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Fifty Part Two”

      1. I recently read his 14 issue “Spider-Man” run. What a great couple of issues. His stories, though of the time, were a bit darker than I usually like for Spidey, but his artwork was phenomenal.

            1. Ya.. I liked it back then .. haven’t read it since. I read a lot of Spawn though … some recently and it wasn’t doing it for me. Granted I loved his Spawn and Spidey in 91/92. Maybe I should revisit this run.

              1. Well, you’re both doing better than me. I always disliked his writing and found his art overrated. Now his art did have its’ moments, but, overall it wasn’t my taste . . .

                1. Todd’s facial expressions weren’t great but I think his exaggerated poses and costume design kind of set him apart. Capullo was emulating Todd early in his career as well. Also… Todd is Canadian so that makes him automatically awesome.

                  1. Yeah, his facial expressions left much to be desired. Exaggerated poses were partially his style and partially the style of the time. McFarlane did put his own spin on it, though.

                    I don’t care much for early Capullo either. Too much McFarlane flavoring . . .

                    1. I’m the opposite actually. Never liked Lee’s art that much unless that Lee’s first name was Jae. It’s mostly probably just because I wasn’t an Xmen guy though. It was all about Spidey for me. It’s why I love Erik Larsen so much as well. Great Spidey run.

                    2. Always did like Erik Larson’s Spider-Man run. Thought that you got the best elements of McFarlane without the worst excesses of McFarlane . . .

                    3. Ya, you guys should give Savage Dragon a shot every now and then. It is a big departure from the original mini series. Truly “a funny book” as Larsen calls all comics.

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