2 thoughts on “Greg Rucka Leaving Wonder Woman At Issue #25”

  1. I’ve been worried about Greg for a few months now. He is putting out a heroic amount of anti stormtrooper information out on twitter and in his comics. He wrote three pages in the latest Lazarus about Fuckface Von Clownstick and his Gestapo. The Lazarus artist is “taking a break” and the book was late and this is probably directly related to Greg’s anti Trump overtime work. As I have stated a few times before on this site, before I knew anything about Greg’s politics I knew he was a singular human being. Again, this guy just noticed me eyeballing him from across the street and walked over to sign something for me without me even asking. Who does that? Unfortunately taking these kind of public stands will damage his sales forever. Entertainers really take a risk doing this kind of stuff. Captain America comes to mind. Everyone go out and see “gifted”, it is great.

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