15 thoughts on “Hellboy Films Being Rebooted”

    1. Or it’s a craven attempt by Hollywood to jump on the suddenly “hot” R rated comic book bandwagon. We’ll see . . .

        1. See here’s the thing: neither of the previous films were massive hits at the box office, which is basically why a third in the series never materialized. The property wasn’t a good investment. So, from a studio point of view, what has changed about audiences since then? That is what has me concerned that they think that can simply add extra blood an’ gore to a familiar name and make it a hit? Assume the growing Chinese market will make it profitable? Assume that if viewers flock to Suicide Squad they’ll see anything based on a comic book? Could be really lazy film-making.

          Or it could be great. Though, it does beg the question, once again (again), of why Hollywood feels the need to constantly recycle old concepts . . .

          1. Well they flock to Marvel and DC films but everything else… who knows. You could be right about adding an edge. I’m just not sure teens would care about hellboy though and I think teens and college students probably make up half the market.

            1. Aye, there’s the rub. Movie attendance demographics are rapidly shifting. The core of a blockbuster’s success used to be males in their 20s and 30s. That group has grown increasing difficult to lure into a theater. Yes, they’ll show up for Star Wars and Batman but those have long proven track records that bridge generations.

              Also international taste is increasingly being factored into decisions about big studio films. Meanwhile mid-level films are being driven more by female and older audiences.

              I read two box office analysis of Guardians Vol 2’s opening weekend. One called it an unqualified success, the other took a more cautious approach saying it probably won’t hit the heights of an Avengers film. (I know, if every studio had to worry about such “disappointments.”). Two sets of eyes looking at the same set of numbers, but drawing different conclusions, partially because the state of the box office is in such flux . right now . ..

              1. Well… I’ll toast to the sun never setting on the industry at least until I’m six feet under.

                The previews before guardians were like a teenage fantasy of mine come true. What a seismic shift. Both good for comic fans and bad for movie fans.

                1. Yeah I do wonder if we’re reaching a saturation point on superhero films. I definitely feel it with TV adaptations. And just today new series announcements for Judge Dredd and Deadpool? I mean, at least Deadpool makes sense from a moneymaking perspective but Dredd? He’s got an even more checkered success rate than Hellboy.

                  I don’t really remember the trailers from Guardians Vol 2 as the only ones that I was excited about I had seen online already. I do give credit to whoever cut the Transformers one: that was the first time a preview for that franchise didn’t give me a headache. Design is still as ugly as ++++ though . . .

                  1. Ya.. the trailers during guardians 2 were all stuff that I could never dream of seeing in a theater when I was 14. Dreams come true. Tformers included. I’m not insulting them but it’s still my teenage film fantasy list. Spidey, Tformers, King Arthur, Thor and more.

                    Deadpool and Dredd TV series? I think that Deadpool would just be hurt by a tv series given its film success. Dredd, I think is untapped. The original Dredd run is a political commentary with heavy dark humor. It’s pretty fantastic. The Stallone movie has nothing to do with it and the latest movie was the action of Dredd (done well) with none of the cerebral elements or any of the sometime fantastic humor. Dredd was one of the first comics that I read where I would occasionally laugh out loud. Really Dredd is almost a bad guy at times and civilians resemble people straight out of idiocracy. Dredd may be culturally relevant at the moment because it’s where we are headed. Nuclear war, an idiot citizenry with no rights hooked on bullshit and a police force whose brutality is part of the training.

                    1. True, but, for what it’s worth, I’d rather watch the 80s animated Transformers movie for the millioneth time than watch any of the recent Michael Bay ones . . .

                      My comments about Dredd had nothing to do with whether the material was relevant or could make a great series. As with Hellboy, yes, there is a lot of potential in the source material. I was simply observing that Dredd has had a rather mixed success at the box office, which makes me wonder why producers think audiences are eager for yet another treatment. It’s seems pretty random honestly, as if producers simply thought “comic book” & “we’ve done this before” and assumed those two things added up to easy money . . .

                    2. The 80s animated tformers movie is fantastic and very positive too… apart from lots of dead robots.

                      I know you were not disparaging Dredd. It just dawned on me that it is relevant all of sudden. Maybe it dawned on someone else as well. Its track record is very poor in America in every medium and therefor looks like a silly bet. Forever being associated with Stallone doesn’t help either. Sly was by far the worst thing in guardians. Go back to Expendables Sly so that I can ignore you from a safe distance.

                    3. Stallone’s Guardians performance in and of itself didn’t bother me but it doesn’t match the character at all, which is really a waste. They should’ve simply invented a new character for him.

                    4. Spasiba. Cosmo still waiting for update from capitalistic Hollywood suit types.

                      Also waiting for Rocket to deliver more of Cosmo’s favorite cupcakes. Where is Raccoon . . ?

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