This Week’s Finest: Batman #26

By Tom King, Mikel Janin and June Chung

Throughout Tom King’s run on Batman, he’s managed to create his own unique Bat voice while at the same time constantly paying tribute to those who have walked the path before him. I regard King’s insights into Batman among the best I’ve read. Where others have scratched the surface of a great idea, which is often enough, King dive’s in headfirst, getting right down to the core of what makes those ideas great, and then exploring them further. While King’s emotional insights and story beats are fantastic, they would not be possible without the countless creators who have handled these characters before him, both in comics and film. Whatever King’s intention with the tributes are it really feels as though with each one he is saying “I wouldn’t be here without you”. I said he is paying tribute to those who have walked the path, but what I really mean is, those who have paved the way.

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Bucking the Inhumans


While the MCU has been a tremendous success in box office receipts, critical acclaim, and fan reception, one dark spot has been the recent Iron Fist series leading up to The Defenders on Netflix. While that was the dark horse of the Marvel’s properties on the streaming side, in retrospect, concern should’ve been placed when Scott Buck was tapped as the show runner. Buck’s last high profile work was also met with criticism and ire, and now he’s bringing the Inhumans to the small screen… Continue reading Bucking the Inhumans