Bucking the Inhumans


While the MCU has been a tremendous success in box office receipts, critical acclaim, and fan reception, one dark spot has been the recent Iron Fist series leading up to The Defenders on Netflix. While that was the dark horse of the Marvel’s properties on the streaming side, in retrospect, concern should’ve been placed when Scott Buck was tapped as the show runner. Buck’s last high profile work was also met with criticism and ire, and now he’s bringing the Inhumans to the small screen…

Marvel’s Inhumans has had a more troubled start than any other property, as it was a low priority name that was eventually pushed back to make room for bigger properties like Spider-Man and Captain Marvel. Which is totally fine, Marvel has turned many risky moves into gold with their films such as James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man.

However, with the dust settled from Iron Fist‘s release, it may be time to exercise some caution when Buck is overseeing another Marvel property. When someone takes on a troubled production and turns out a show widely criticized for its story, pacing, and acting; its wide not to worry when he’s given the chance to do it again.

The preview is not necessarily bad,  but it does have some odd moments I worry will be running issues from the show. Things like Anson Mount’s facial expressions, or the glances he gives to other characters (because Black Bolt, can’t speak with his voice destroying the immediate environment). This is one time when giving an actor a mask to cover their face could actually help their performance, it would give Black Bolt an aura of mystique, and possibly screen presence.

Modifications by Boss Logic

Something that has always stuck with me about the Inhumans is how so many of them wear outfits just for aesthetic purposes.  After undergoing Terrigenesis, the process by which Inhumans are granted their powers, some gain no outside change in appearance. To rectify this, they choose to wear colorful outfits to appear less human, or “Inhuman”. Its a nice explanation that appeals to me, but doesn’t seem to be part of the show’s thought processes. Inhuman society seems relatively diverse by human standards, but not much in the way that would make them seem like a parallel species to homo sapiens.

Costumes aside, it occurred to me how the plot in the trailer resembled the first Thor with a figure of royalty being exiled from their throne and then hunted on Earth.

This hand-wringing could be for naught, Agents of SHIELD got off to a slow start but eventually found its footing after a shot in the arm from the movies plotting. Should Inhumans receive a similar reaction as Iron Fist, it may not just be a mark against Scott Buck but also Marvel. The MCU has grown considerably large since its birth in 2007, and with even more planned for new TV shows and freshman movie franchises, Marvel has to show more care towards its properties, lest it goes from the gold standard to another name in the game. All it takes, is a touch more discretion from the shot callers about what moves forward and what sits on the shelf for good.


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