Podcast Episode Sixty Eight

While Alex continues his cross country savage journey to the heart of the American dream, Dean & Pat talk comics. Comics like, Batman #25 & #26, Batman/Elmer Fudd #1, Jupiter Legacy Volume 2 #5, Black Bolt #3, Saga #44, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #7 and more. In addition, we chat about the Umbrella Academy series for Netflix, Stranger Things Season Two, 2017 Emmy nominations & the NBA offseason.

6 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Sixty Eight”

        1. L.A. To Vegas eh? Better than Washington I suppose. Or are we talking mushrooms…

          Who can’t wait to see Dunkirk as much as me?! I’ve been looking forward to that for a year.

  1. The disparity between teams in the NBA make me feel like Dean does. What moves can be made to give any chance to any team to win a championship of even a conference finals. I hope the luxury tax weakens the warriors in some way…

    As far as Carmelo. I remember him giving up in games when Denver used to be really good. Pissed me off. Specifically on the defensive end.

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