Podcast Episode Seventy One

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This week, the guys talk the film Atomic Blonde and The Coldest City graphic novel it was adaptaed from. Dean, Pat & Alex discuss the vast differences between the film and source material, their preferences for the former, debate the relative merits of both, and ponder other comics that the filmmakers could adapt in the future to similar degree’s of success.

18 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Seventy One”

  1. Miss “Tron” can really sell action. Great fight choreography. I’ve been a huge fan of hers ever since she handled the lottery balls for the South African World Cup bracket draw.

  2. What a fucked up day. Can we get the X-men to do all anti-fa security from now on. Where’s wolvie when you need him?

    They are already saying “he” was scared… before he drove over mostly women. Scared… a common defense.

    1. The world is ending, I’m done pretending….The feeling of an apocalypse happening but nothing is awkward, the feeling won’t prosper….I can feel it the Phoenix sure to watch us

  3. I can’t imagine how “shit your pants” scary it must have been for that small group of mostly women to be surrounded Friday night. There are a lot of really brave American women attempting to stand up against these maniacs.

  4. The driver’s mother says that her son was going to a “Trump rally”… an “allbright rally”… and when the reporter explains that it was a rally for white nationalists… she says “but Trump isn’t a White nationalist”.

    1. Man, I couldn’t sleep last night over this shit. What the hell? I keep trying to tell myself that there are more of us than there are of them. This is just so fucked up.

      1. Nazi Germany was separated by cities and country folk in a similar manner to the United States. Most Nazis came from rural southern Germany and Austria (which is mostly mountains and farms). They were ignorant and easily swayed. I mean I can literally look at old friends Facebook accounts and the farther they live from major downtown areas the more they are likely to talk about illegal immigrant murders. I’m more scared that the good people that I’ve know are Trump supporters because I think they may stand by and do nothing if things get worse. The 1000 men marching on Friday night with torches were led by former military and were using military tactics. The driver of the car is or was also military. That is terrifying. The police allowed 20+ protesters to be completely surrounded by hundreds of men chanting like vikings on Friday. Why? Yesterday they allowed people to fight. Why? Vanguard America actually calls Democracy, Conservatism and even Libertarianism failures and advocates for a fascist America. Isis are fascists but Isis barely exists inside the United States… can you imagine a 1000 Islamists marching the streets? They don’t dare because they have no support… but these guys do have support. Hopefully this damages them permanently but I doubt it. How can we face an enemy who is so willing to twist the truth about everything. Nationalism is a pox and is insidious and widely accepted here.

        This pales in comparison to the bloodshed that would have been spilled if Trump didn’t win. Maybe this is the best that we could hope for. That people can see what Trump’s America looks like and turn away from it.

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