This Week’s Finest: Rick and Morty #29


By Sean Vanaman, Olly Moss, CJ Cannon, Carly Farina, CRANK!

Everyone’s heard the hypothetical question: “Would you kill Adolf Hitler when he was a baby?” It’s a thought experiment to test your moral compass; do you kill a genocidal madman before he could kill millions of people, or do you spare a baby knowing it could become that genocidal madman in the future? Nobody ever asks “Would you kill ALL the Hitlers?”.

Nobody, except Sean Vanaman, Olly Moss, and Rick Sanchez… What starts out as a typical breakfast for the Smith family quickly escalates into an argument of who could be Hitler. Beth wants to go on an overnight school trip, while her father insists that he won’t allow it. Cue Hitler accusations. Luckily, Rick invented a device to test the likelihood of someone becoming a fascist dictator, possibly so they could be killed before that happened.


Morty tries to use the device to school some bullies, which totally fails. Rick decides to redirect that into killing Hitlers across the different dimensions. In typical Rick and Morty fashion, things go off the rails.

Vanaman and Olly keep the story pretty straightforward, switching between Morty hunting interdimensional Hitlers and Jerry trying to be a strong leader like the chancellor of Germany in the 1940’s. It feels oddly timely given recent events in the real world, without definitively landing on a single theme. Morty goes overboard in his mission, literally zapping anyone he thinks will become the next Adolf Hitler, until Rick tells him its unnecessary. Due to the infinite universes, at least one other Morty will continue his mission so he can go back to his normal routine. Which is just a psych out by Rick to get things back to normal and fix the mess he caused.


CJ Cannon nails the art style of the show as usual. But he also continues to refine his own pencil and ink work with extra detail, lighting, and shadows to add drama to the book’s events. The book literally wouldn’t be the same without his pencils, or Farina’s colors helping to complete the aesthetic.

A solid one-and-done tale of multiple fascists being gunned down by lasers, as well as the odd brunch joke, earn Rick and Morty #29 the honor of This Week’s Finest.


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