Indubitable Issues and Pull List (09/13/17)




Tyler’s Recommendation…
Runaways #1
“The gang is back! Well…most of them. If you’ve read the original series, I probably don’t have to convince you to check this out. A lot has happened to our Runaways since the last series, grab this to find out what’s next.

 Dean’s Recommendations...
Mister Miracle #2
“One of the best debut issues in years. Get yourself on board as Tom King and Mitch Gerads take you on a crazy journey into the psyche of Scott Free.
Secret Warriors #6
“This book has been flying under the radar but is worth your attention. Rosenberg is doing some great work with the fun team of characters and the art by Juan Ramirez has been really interesting and engaging. Check it out.”
As we’re sure you all have noticed, the pull list page is no longer present. We here at Nothing But Comics have decided to combine this weekly with the discussion of which comics we are all buying for the week. Included below is the link of our personal favorite product guide. Don’t worry, this is not an advertisement; the website is not paying us anything to push it (not that we’d object!). Comic List just happens to be totally awesome. So check out that massive list and then come on back here to let us know what you are buying.

54 thoughts on “Indubitable Issues and Pull List (09/13/17)”

      1. Ya 10 inches plus really makes a big difference I’m noticing. I was missing a lot of the nuance with a tiny screen. Also auto correct for misspelling nuance is sometimes Bryan England… what the…

  1. Mech Cadet Yu #2
    Harrow County #25
    Dark Nights Metal #2
    Mister Miracle #2
    Kill or Be Killed #12
    Realm #1
    Redlands #2
    Amazing Spider-Man #32
    Hulk #10
    Old Man Logan #28
    Star Wars #36
    Venomverse #2 (#1 was a lot of fun)
    Weapon X #8
    X-Men Blue #11

          1. I give him a shot from time to time because I really like Spider-Man. He just doesn’t do it for me most of the time. (Don’t tell anyone, but I didn’t hate Spider-Ock.)

              1. It had some fun aspects, many belonging to Anna Maria. My main compliant was the resolution was rushed and felt very forced. I couldn’t believe that Otto would have that huge a personality reversal in the space of one issue . . .

              2. I was reading Amazing Spider-Man from 10 years old right up to Spider Ock and never missed an issue. It wasn’t spider Ock per se that got me to quit but it was Slott not meshing with me for a long time prior to Ock. I use Spider Ock as an obvious Slott knock but frankly I love Slott now. I don’t have a choice frankly because the guy has been writing Spider-Man for a generation now.

    1. Quick reviews of the issues I’ve read so far:

      Dark Nights Metal #2 – Disliked it as much if not more than the first issue.
      Mister Miracle #2 – LOVED.
      Amazing Spider-Man #32 – Great Norman Osborn story.
      Hulk #10 – The first half a fun, but the second turned into a cartoon because an artist change.
      Old Man Logan #28 – Still one of my favorite books.
      Star Wars #36 – Reminds readers R2-D2 is a badass.
      Venomverse #2 – Not as good as the first issue, but not bad.
      Weapon X #8 – Meh. Still just a bunch of infighting.

        1. Only got to read three but
          Kill or be Killed-keeps getting better, incredibly. The coloring in this comic is next level. I think it’s partially because of the books looser structure, but also just the way that Breitweiser does reflection & shades, while having an innate understanding of visceral feeling that colors give, and that’s one of the many things I love about this series
          Sleeper-Forsmam doing what he does best. Rad & disturbing. Not for the faint of heart
          Mister Miracle-Fly shit only. This is a master class

      1. I’m tellin you dudes, I can’t stress how good Marvel’s Star Wars U comics are. This is coming from someone that read almost all of the Star Wars comics from the beginning of Dark Horse’s publishing years for about a decade. There were one or two memorable Dark Horse series in many years but none as good as Marvel’s and Marvel has just begun (or restarted with a very long hiatus rather).

        1. I agree Marvel is putting out some awesome Star Wars titles right now. Aaron has been doing some really interesting things on the main title. Darth Vader, of course, rocks. Poe was cool, but I dropped it a while back. That said, theyve put out some clunkers, too (Leia, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan & Anakin, and so far Mace Windu to name a few). Thankfully the good outweighs the bad.

          1. The quality does drop after Vader and Star Wars in art especially but still those two books really are better than anything Dark Horse ever did… which is saying something because Dark Horse wasn’t terrible. Crimson Empire, Knights of the Old Republic and Dark Empire were top of my DH lists but still not up to Aaron level.

            1. Did anyone read Captain Phasma? I thought it summed up my feelings about a lot of Marvel’s Star Wars titles: breezy & fun but hard to justify paying the $4 price point, especially with their frequent double shipping. I mostly just read them now when I grab a collection on sale . . .

                1. Well like I said, I usually wait for the Star Wars titles to go on sale. I only paid full price for Phasam since I’ve been enjoying Thompson’s Hawkeye, so I was curious about her writing a Star Wars book. As I said above, it’s not likely I’ll continue paying full price for it . . .

  2. Dark Nights Metal #2 (of 6)
    Detective Comics #964
    Grass Kings #7
    Groo Play of Gods #3
    Harrow County #25
    Kill Or Be Killed #12 (MR)
    Mister Miracle #2
    Neil Gaiman American Gods Shadows #7 Main
    Ninjak #0 Cvr A Mack
    Realm #1

  3. BABYTEETH #4 kept up the engaging family drama and supernatural excitement. Arguably, this comic is the best new series of 2017.

    DARK NIGHTS METAL #2 – disappointed that Shazamium, Sivanium, and Marvelium have not yet been referenced in this comic.

    RETCON #1 – still too early to call (it wasn’t clear to be how the whole “retcon” motif would be utilized). But I liked Toby Cyrpress’ art and the characters were intriguing.

    MISTER MIRACLE – Arguably, this comics is the best new series of 2017.

        1. Yeah I feel the same about Snyder – he’s definitely overstayed his welcome on Batman, time to move on to something new.

          I’m skipping the whole Metal mess & have yet to hear anything that suggests this wasn’t the right decision . . .

          1. Frankly it’s “good” writers like Snyder that make me take note of world class writers like Aaron and Lemire. The consistency, quality, quantity and versatility of their work is nothing short of amazing. The Superman and Hulk of comics. I guess that would make Snyder the Batman.

          2. Snyder lost me with Bat-Bunny. I stuck around, but I’d often find myself wondering why. That said, I’ve really enjoyed a bulk of his All-Star Batman run so far. My biggest problem with Snyder is all of his stories are exactly the same: there is some ancient X that has always been around but Y has never known about it until now.

            1. Snyder lost me during Zero Year. The first section with the Red Hood Gang was brilliant, but the whole Riddler taking over the city section was a drawn out mess. I was particularly annoyed by the ending (if you’re writing a Riddler story, the whole point is for Batman to outwit him not punch him in face — this should be Bat-Writing 101). I gave up after that. The fact that every other issue seemed to be a “special” $6 issue didn’t help . . .

              That summery of Snyder’s plots is pretty apt. Honestly, my favorite thing by him remains the first I read: Black Mirror.

                1. Well, last year DC finally started moving away from the infallible Bat-God version of Batman, so maybe giving the World’s Greatest Detective an actual detective story isn’t too much to hope for . . .

    1. I was waiting for your reaction to this, Dean!
      Severed, Wytches, parts of American Vampire, roughly 1/2 to 3/4 of his Batman run, The Wake, and Swamp Thing are all solid in my book. But literally ALL of those have his trademark ancient thing is a thing now.

        1. For the record, I never meant to suggest Snyder is a bad Batman writer; I enjoyed (counting Black Mirror) his first couple years writing the character. But it’s time for him to move on.

          Swamp Thing started really strong but suffered more from the Rotworld story line than Animal Man did. Similarly the first half of The Wake was excellent but I lost the thread in the second . . .

          Wytches didn’t interest me so I skipped it. I completely respect its high reputation, though . . .

      1. Oh yeah his trademark is all over those books. I think for me it just doesn’t get old. I love it so much that he can keep using it and I’m going to keep enjoying it. I will agree he can move on from Batman but if he wants to bring ancient thing is a thing now to a new book I’ll for sure be down.

  4. “Tippy that’s adorable but I don’t think that Stefan’s going to give me some of his acorn supply for the winter.”

    The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl never fails to make me feel a little bit better . . .

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