One thought on “Batman Takes The Knee by Francesco Francavilla”

  1. This is a worse situation than you may think. One of my best friends growing up was on social media a while back talking about boycotts for anyone that hires Colin. This was a guy who used to always do the right thing and used to not have a racist bone in his body. The “good” will stand by… I guarantee it. He was calling on Trump just to shut his mouth so that he could get elected during the campaign… maybe that was his strategy with me as well. This was the guy the rest of us measured ourselves by. True blue American.

    The result of this terrible year has me questioning every time someone treated me bad or good or indifferent and reframing those moments with new insight. Did I take an extra elbow or two because “just basketball”… did I get stood up because “just life”… or was the deck stacked. Rarely did I think that it was but in hindsight it probably was. This is what we are all thinking now. Ain’t no coming back from this.

    Also, anthems should be rare and military marching should be rarer in sports stadiums. The government has been paying sports teams to advertise in stadiums. It’s a farce. This happens nowhere else in the democratic world. My patriotism is different from Joe Blows. There are more things to be patriotic about than violence and control.

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