Evolution #2 Review


By James Asmus, Joseph Keatinge, Christopher Sebela, Joshua Williamson, Joe Infurnari, Jordon Boyd, Pat Brosseau

A super-virus is spreading throughout humanity, forcing grotesque adaptations and only a handful of people are aware its happening…The premise is not an unpromising one, however the quartet of writers doesn’t make a strong case for it in this issue. Full disclosure, I didn’t read the first issue. However, what information is presented in this issue gives me few endearing characters or even why this virus is necessarily bad. Yes, it turns people into gross looking monsters but that’s not enough for me. There’s a hint of a secret cult and that the virus is sentient enough to know to hide itself from discovery, but its very brief.

The pacing is someone inconsistent, and the plot isn’t gripping. Where this issue really shines is the art.

Joe Infurnari’s style is very rough, and visceral. Not unlike a Bill Sienkiewicz or a Kevin Eastman, Infurnari’s art is sketchy and unpolished. It works very well for a series like this, and in spite of the plot, the art kept me invested in the finishing the issue itself. The story follows four separate protagonists as they discover the existence of this virus, and Infurnari’s style changes subtly to reflect this. Jordon Boyd’s colors also shift to reflect the different stories, from dark red, to purple-red, brown, and light blue. It helps to keep the plot threads distinct and make tracking them much easier. My favorite aspect of the art would have to be Infurnari’s storytelling, as his panel design uses the broken structure in exciting ways. There’s very few instances of traditional grid panels, and it keeps even the most mundane scenes visually interesting.

With the talent involved, I would expect more innovative stories than what was in this pages. The comic isn’t terrible, but it is a bit of letdown aside from the art. For those who are artistically minded, Evolution #2 maybe worth checking out just for the visuals of Joe Infurnari and Boyd’s art.

Disclosure: Publisher Image Comics provided a review copy of this comic to Nothing But Comics without any payment between the site and publisher or agreement on the review’s content.

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