Podcast Episode 80

Where as last week we focused on all the comics that we missed out on during our hiatus, this week were catching up on some of the TV and movies that made an impression on us over the last few months. We Stranger Things Season 2, Blade Runner: 2049 & Star Wars: The Last Jedi; in this super sized new episode.

3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 80”

    1. I really liked the second half of the Last Jedi. Everything in this movie made sense, even down to Luke abandoning the order. They did a good job of explaining some of the head scratching moments from the Force Awakens. Is this Industrial Light and Magic CGI though?.. I just saw a preview for Peter Rabit… I suggest Disney get in touch with Peter Rabit’s CGI crew because Star Wars CGI has always been terrible. No creature looks close to real (except maybe that horse thing).

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