Uncover The Best Covers 12/28/2017

From Motor Crush #9 by Cameron Stewart

From Eugenic #3 by Robbie Rodriguez
From Transformers Lost Light #12 by Nick Roche
From Thanos #14 by Geoff Shaw
From Wonder Woman #37 by Jenny Frison
From Long Lost #2 by Lisa Sterle
From Jessica Jones #15 by David Mack
From Black Panther #168 by Brian Stelfreeze
From The Beauty Jeremy Haun
From Action Comics #994 by Francis Manapul
From Savage Dragon #230 by Erik Larsen
From Blue Beetle #16 by Scot Kollins
From Despicable Deadpool #291 by David Lopez
From Action Comics #994 by Dan Jurgens & Trevor Scott
From Batman Beyond #15 by David Johnson
From Batgirl #18 by Dan Mora
From Outcast #32 by Paul Azaceta
From Batman Beyond #15 by Bernard Chang
From Eugenic #2 by Eryk Donovan
From Rasputin The Voice of The Dragon #3 by Francesco Francavilla
From Phoenix Resurrection #1 by Jenny Frison
From Kamandi Challenge #12 by Ryan Sook
From XO Manowar #10 by Kenneth Rocafort
From Doomsday Clock #2 by Gary Frank
Batman Creature of The Night #2 Jean Paul Leon

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