Hungry Ghosts #1 Advance Review

No Spoilers

by Anthony Bourdain, Joel Rose, Alberto Ponticelli, Vanesa Del Rey & Jose Villarrubia

Anthony Bourdan, famed chief, TV star, and celebrity comic book dabbler; gives us another taste of his non-culinary talents in a ghost story miniseries loosely based on Japanese folklore.

Being a fan of his first graphic novel from Vertigo, Get Jiro!, I was excited to see Bourdan continue writing culinary centric comics and use Japanese aesthetics in a new story. While there is plenty of both, the emphasis on food (which Bourdan by his main career choice should be an expert) becomes tenuous at best. Continue reading Hungry Ghosts #1 Advance Review

Tarnished Reps

Since late 2017, sexual harassment has been dominating cultural discussion in Hollywood and the media. Men are using their positions of power to exploit women and cover up heinous acts. Unfortunately, the comic industry is not immune to this, and has been hit with a string of high-profile incidents.

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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (01/31/18)




Tyler’s Recommendation…
Hungry Ghost #1
“Japanese folklore with a culinary twist, Anthony Bordain and Novelist Joel Rose bring the first issue of an anthology of sorts. Each issue is filled with
different tales of ghosts, demons, and other evils, this time around the art comes courtesy of Alberto Ponticelli and Vanessa Del Rey. Part of the new Berger Books line from Dark Horse, with the esteemed Karen Berger running the show, count me in!”

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Freeze Frame 1/28/2018

From Inhumans Judgement Day #1 by Mike Del Mundo

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This Week’s Finest: Southern Bastards #19

by Jason Aaron & Jason Latour

Spoilers ahead. You have been warned…

A few issues ago (#16) it felt as though Coach Boss was nearing his inevitable rock bottom when he brutally beat a kid in order to win a football game. When the extremely injured boy took the field anyways and stood in the way of Coach Boss’s victory, I could feel that bottom closing in. Then, after Locust Fork’s Burt Reynolds (McKlusky) got the best of Coach Boss, he conceded. It appeared Coach had finally hit that bottom. Honestly, I felt a little edge and grit leave the book when Coach shook McKlusky’s hand in defeat. But, it really is a simple thing, the war he started with Locust Fork no longer benefits the team, in fact it actually hurts them as some of the team member were part of the physical encounters. Instead of leaving the Rebels with a number of injured players, Coach had only one option, to wave the white flag. However, just when I think I have this guy figured out he belts a monkey with a fucking home made bat like he is hitting homers over the Monster at Fenway. If you were missing the downright insanity of Coach Boss like I was, you are in luck, the bastard is back.

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Uncover The Best Covers

From Batman Beyond #16 by Bernard Chang

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Is Disney becoming Alchemax?


I tried playing a mental game last week, where charted the companies that own DC Comics upwards to the top. It went DC Comics, DC Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Time Warner, and possibly AT&T in the future. Of course I got all this wrong without the help of the internet, but I did it to illustrate how hard its become to track where our media is coming from. That becomes important because increasingly, its changing in absurd ways and everyone wants your web cookies so they can predict what you will buy next week or even next month. Take that same game that I started with, and do it with Marvel Entertainment/Lucas Films/Pixar/ and Disney. Now add 21st Century Fox to that list. It’s not a linear thread, its a spider web. One which is about to become twice as big… Continue reading Is Disney becoming Alchemax?

Indubitable Issues and Pull List (01/24/18)




Josh’s Recommendation…
Legion #1
“Pretty much entirely because of the FX TV show by Noah Hayley, I’m curious as to what Marvel can do to capitalize on that crossover interest. ‘Legion’ is weird, eclectic, and personal, which is mostly anthetical to Big 2 Superhero comics. But, if anyone can bring some necessary weirdness and introspection to an X-Men comic, it’s Peter Milligan.”

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This Week’s Finest: Ice Cream Man #1


By W.Maxwell Prince, Martin Morazzo, Chris O’Halloran, Good Old Neon

As much as I love Ohio (where I was born and raised), I always have two fears nagging me in the back of my mind: spiders (of which at least half a dozen poisonous ones reside in Ohio according to Google), and creepy adults. Growing up, I was always told to watch out for strangers, don’t stay out past dark, and not to follow people into unfamiliar territory. It’s relatively good advice for a child, but these days you never know who exactly to trust and who has someone chained up in their basement.

Ice Cream Man #1 perfectly encapsulates my fears while also making a strong new debut for Image Comics and its creators… Continue reading This Week’s Finest: Ice Cream Man #1