Podcast Episode 81

2017 was a big year for the guys. They hit a few milestone episodes and had a lot of fun exploring different types of episode styles. The year included weekly comic reviews, trade swaps, comic movies, top ten lists, comic character battles and much more. Join the guys as they take a look back at 2017 and pick their favorite podcasting moments.

17 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 81”

  1. Hey… I grew up not too far from Schaumburg. Have some friends in Mt Prospect. You’re really close to Medieval Times and Woodfield mall (pretty good mall). I recommend watching the “cable guy” movie and then going straight to Medieval Times.

    My mom had a Volvo… I think that was one of the first mass produced cars with crumple “zone” protection. I was going to say plug the awesome Swedish Viggen double wing jet fighter while you’re selling Volvos but that is a “Saab” design. Still Swede though.

      1. I once slid all the way down a hill and right through an intersection within a half hour of that area in a rear drive car so ya Brutal. Brakes did nothing… I just had to hope as I was going down that nobody was coming through that intersection.

        1. See the nice thing about Manitoba is that although we have temperatures that are apparently colder than Mars we have no hills at all to slide down. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot of intersection sliding happening but it’s just because the drivers suck not because of, you know, gravity.

    1. Thanks! We still enjoy doing them. In fact, I’m waiting on the guys right now to get online so we can record another episode. We’ll be talking about My Favorite Thing is Monsters. Check it out if you get a chance; I highly recommend it!

        1. It’s so good! Thankfully it made our top ten lists even though most of us hadn’t read it. Now that we have I can assure you it would have finished higher in all categories. Awesome that you have the hard copy, I feel like it’s a book you need the hardcopy for. I am going to pick up my hard copy of it today on my way home.

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