Ice Cream Man #2 Review


By W. Maxwell Prince, Martin Morazzo, Chris O’Halloran, Good Old Neon

Ice Cream Man follows up its impressive debut issue with a low-key love story starring two junkies and one last high.Karen and Jim have the average meet-cute setting inside a night club, leading them on a long and deep relationship. Early on, Jim talks Karen into trying narcotics as a bucket list item. Instead, it becomes a shared hobby of theirs that quickly consumes their lives. Out of money, Jim comatose from withdrawal, Karen decides to score some cash to get Jim a fix. She ends up stealing an ice cream truck and killing an old married couple. She gets divine retribution in a sense herself, and Jim gets a second chance to live, or his next fix.

Morazzo and Halloran get plenty to work with in this issue on the art side. Morazzo gets to employ upset facial expressions and physical anguish. Halloran uses color and the lack there of to distinguish from the past and present in the issue. The pair do an excellent job with storytelling and conveying the emotional  turmoil of the characters themselves.

This issue continues the promise to the anthology nature of the series, and it still holds promise. While I’m more partial to the first issue for its horror based story, this installment is by no means less interesting. I’m still invested in future issues, and seeing how the creators maintain the mystery of the title character and his victims.

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