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Review of Superman/Wonder Woman #4

Cover of "Superman/Wonder Woman #4"
Cover of “Superman/Wonder Woman #4”

By Charles Soule and Tony Daniel

This is the second comic today that made me question why I hate Love stories. Damn you Charles Soule and your brilliant mind!

In all fairness this isn’t a “Romance” comic. It’s more of a comic about a couple that can’t get any alone time. But, still pretty compelling.

What does it say about Charles Soule that he’s writing two of the most powerful and challenging characters (TOGETHER) for the last 4 months and crushed it each time? Continue reading Review of Superman/Wonder Woman #4

Review of Alex+Ada #3


By Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn

This is fast becoming one of my favorite series from Image and overall. It’s a story we have seen before about a boy falling in love with an android (Cyborg, Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles, etc) but never as the focus. What would happen if you had an android as a girlfriend? As it turns out, if you want a relationship it will just become creepy.

The first issue could be described as the “Meet Cute” while the second might be the Second Date/Calling the Girl back. In this issue, its introduce her to your friends and get used to each other. This will be familiar to many; after the newness of the relationship wears off you have to get used to each other. Cracks start to show and you may become bored with the other person. Continue reading Review of Alex+Ada #3

Review of Justice League 3000 #2

Cover of "Justice League 3000 #2"
Cover of “Justice League 3000 #2”

By Keith Griffen, J.M DeMatteis, and Howard Porter

It’s funny how there can be 4 (count em, 4) Justice League books on the shelves and DC fans have pretty much accepted it. I mean, Marvel has a dozen Avengers titles, yet DC as no plans yet to add more JL titles. What it does have are 4 series; which with different characters and focuses. JL is about the “core” line-up (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, etc), “JL of America” is about a covert or more restricted team of other heroes, and “JL Dark” is about the magical heroes in the DCNU fighting magical threats. So where does that leave “JL 3000”? In a pretty fun place it turns out. Set 1000 years in the feature, the series is about a group of clones of the original JL (minus Aquaman, I mean who forgot to clone him?) fighting each other threats in the future. Continue reading Review of Justice League 3000 #2